'Rick And Morty' Co-Creator And Season 3 Writers Respond To 'Ticket' Fan Theory

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The death of Krombopulos Michael in Season 2. Adult Swim

There are infinite Rick and Morty fan theories strewn across the central finite curve. But one of the most enduring, at least in our slice of the multiverse, must be “The Secret of the Ticket.” Created by Dillionmcrich of The Save Point Guild, “The Secret of the Ticket” spins a handful of Rick and Morty Season 2 easter eggs into a fairly convincing argument that not only are some episodes of Rick and Morty set in an alternate dimension, but also that fan favorite character Krombopulos Michael, who was crushed to death by Rick’s spaceship, could return to rescue Rick from Galactic Federation prison.

It is a theory that’s convincing in the specifics, but hard to imagine being fulfilled in any general sense. Would the writers really hinge the entirety of Rick and Morty Season 3 on insanely obscure clues? Would they ever reveal that they’ve compromised two seasons of character development by spreading it across multiple dimensional versions of the characters?

Now we have an answer… kinda. After “The Secret of the Ticket” was embedded on the official Rick and Morty Facebook page, it seemed inevitable that someone in the Rick and Morty writers’ room would see it. Instead the response came on Twitter, when Kenny Rowlands (@7SidedsOfKenny) confronted co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, plus other Rick and Morty writers, with the ticket theory. Here are their unilluminating responses:

Rowlands pushed the issue.

Finally Roiland jumped in with the definitive response.

There are a lot of ways to parse their responses, but I’d prefer to leave it to Harmon, Roiland, and writer/producer Ryan Ridley, who spoke to this exact issue in a great interview with AV Club. The top comment on “The Secret of the Ticket” may read “It’s amazing how much thought they put into this show,” but according to Harmon that’s a common misconception.

“Oh yeah. Yeah, that happens all the time,” Harmon said.

Roiland agreed,“People giving us way more credit.”

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