Resident Evil 8 Rumored To Be In First Person Mode

Resident Evil 8
Resident Evil 8 EVOSTRIX

Capcom may be releasing a brand new game in the Resident Evil franchise. According to YouTube Channel Residence of Evil, Capcom is developing Resident Evil 8, a sequel to its predecessor that revived the franchise and helped put it back on the map.

Information was first shared in an email that was sent to Biohazard Declassified. The email supposedly reveals tons of information about Resident Evil 8. Rumors suggest that RE8 will be in First Person like its predecessor and in fact, will not be called Resident Evil 8. The new game will instead have a “clever title”.

Ethan, the protagonist of Resident Evil 7, is said to be making a return as a playable character, but that’s not the only character that will be returning. It is also believed that fan-favorite Chris Redfield will be featured in some capacity. In RE7, Chris was seen only at the end of the game, although he did become a playable character in the Resident Evil 7: Not A Hero DLC in which he was working for the Umbrella Corporation.

According to the leaks, the new Resident Evil game is believed to take place in Europe, where you start in a village-like area that leads to a castle. The environment will be rural, snowy, and mountainous. The sequel will also make several changes regarding the enemies. Molded from RE7 will not be coming back, and will be replaced by regular zombies (like in Resident Evil 2). There will also be wolf-like creatures that will attack the player in some areas. This doesn’t seem that unusual as Resident Evil 2 Remake also had infected zombie dogs that did the same. The game will also have a shadowy “female” enemy that will follow you, but will dissipate when shot at.

Do keep in mind that all of this information is just a rumor, and nothing has been confirmed by Capcom as of right now. That said, it seems highly unlikely that Capcom will not make a Resident Evil 8 seeing as how RE 7 received strong critical reception as well as being a commercial success.

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