‘Resident Evil 7 Biohazard’ Ending Leaks On Reddit Revealing Major Plot Twist?

'Resident Evil 7'
Party at the Baker family house! Woot woot. Capcom/Steam

Those reddit users, they’ll get to the good stuff every single time. It’s quite impressive how they’ve already found out the (alleged) big finale for Resident Evil biohazard and the game’s not out yet.

In attempts to keep our own Resident Evil biohazard playthrough experience pure, we hesitantly checked out this subreddit for leaks kind of like this:







Someone may or may not appear in the Resident Evil biohazard ending. That’s all we’ll give you here. We read enough to know the reveal is a pretty big one. If you can’t wait until the game is released to find out what happens in Resident Evil 7 biohazard , click here to check out the reddit thread. There’s no going back if you click the link. You have been warned.

Don’t worry, no more spoilers past this point. We’re mostly excited for Resident Evil biohazard because Capcom has revamped the series. Instead of a third-person shooter, you’ll play in first-person, walking in the footsteps of a man named Ethan. This unfortunate soul found his way into the Baker Family residence while investigating the disappearance of his wife Mia.

Ethan’s investigation leads him to Dulvey, La. where they love to make houses with blind corners. Yes, we still can’t get past why anyone wouldn't want an open floor plan; it’s a weird detail to focus on, but hey when the killer comes creeping into your home you’re going to want seem him coming your way.

Not that an open floor plan would help Ethan, since the Baker family isn’t exactly human. They like to throw dinner parties, yet have a strange way of entertaining their guests. The Bakers show affection by stabbing each other and preparing lovely meals of rotted meat. We wouldn’t ask what’s in the meatloaf, but would happily oblige Mrs. Baker as dying of food poisoning sounds slightly better than being stabbed to death.

Resident Evil biohazard will be available for PS4, PlayStation VR, Xbox One, and PC on Jan. 24.

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