Reliefs The Time of The Lemures Update 0.4.06: Spear Replacement and Game Time Counter

Reliefs The Time of The Lemures Update 0.4.06
Reliefs The Time of The Lemures Update 0.4.06 Steam

Reliefs The Time of The Lemures recently received an update that introduced a new menu and replaced the use of a spear. In addition to that, the developer has fixed several in-game issues.

Spear Replacement

The developer has replaced the use of a spear with a bow to simplify gameplay. Compared to the spear, the bow is relatively simpler to use and easier to aim with. Also, the update features new animations with new sound effects.

Accounting for Hours

The developer has introduced a new menu that shows the actual time spent on playing. It can be found when you select your save from the main menu. However, it doesn’t include time spent on the menu and game loading.

Reliefs The Time of The Lemures Update 0.4.06

Improved Graphics
  • Engine update from Unity 2020.3.42f1 to Unity 2020.3.43f1.
  • Added a slight Motion Blur to the player camera.
  • Improved the appearance of trees with a smoother transition of the different LOD's.
  • Tree trunks are now moving. Before only the leaves waved in the wind.
  • Improved indirect light rendering with higher lightmap resolutions when needed.
  • Significant improvement in the quality of shadows.
  • Adjustment of the areas already created in order to adapt to the new colors.
  • Adjusted the color of the sea and lakes.
  • Significant modification of the mountains surrounding the levels. Their vegetation has been significantly increased for a more detailed rendering.
  • Better rendering of indirect light for all objects in very large areas of the game.
Important Bug Fixes
  • Fixed collision issues in the Temple of Pluto level. Some collisions were not present and the player could pass through walls.
  • Fixed animation issues when the player falls from high and landing animation activates, the player could get stuck in this position if torch or bow is equipped.
  • Adjustment of the aiming aid system, it moves less quickly and no longer passes through collisions without giving information on the materials (wood or stone).
  • Fixed audio of the Tintinnabulum bells in the Temple of Pluto level, the bells no longer reverb as much as before which could distort their bell sound oddly.
  • In the first level of the tutorial where the horse is used for the first time, the tutorial is now displayed correctly and first tells you how to move your horse forward and then stop it.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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