Redfall: Arkane Studios Released a New Update to Improve Monster Density and More

Update v1.1 Arkane Studios

Redfall was projected to be one of the best games in 2023 since it is developed by Arkane Studios, the company behind popular titles such as Prey and Dishonored. However, it seems that the company's magic didn't trickle down to its new IP as Redfall had a disastrous launch, to say the least. It was riddled with various issues from the get-go; from low monster density to faulty monster AI.

Despite the rocky start, folks at Arkane Studios are not done with the game just yet. In fact, the company released a new patch that addressed most of the game's major problems.

Update v1.1 has resolved one of the biggest issues in the game since launch - low monster density. This patch has increased enemy spawn rates across the open world, so those who explore many places may have more to shoot at.

Another issue fixed in Update v1.1 is the ADS visibility on sniper rifles. Previously, players encountered a problem where the sniper scope would not render properly when aiming down sights, resulting in blurry crosshairs and broken reticles. With this fix, those who are holding off on using snipers might use them again after updating to this patch.

Here are the other notable changes and fixes in Update v1.1:


  • Breakable glass will now shatter on first impact from all guns
  • When using additional ammo storage skills, ammo collected above the standard weapon capacity will now persist between gameplay sessions
  • Players can move without interruption when performing melee attacks against enemies
  • Bribón no longer idles in place after performing the Siren ability
  • Nests now unlock at the correct time when playing in New Game Plus (after completing A Voice in the Dark, and starting giving You Tomorrow* | or in the reverse order)
  • Added medical supplies to the path leading up to the Bloody Tom boss arena


  • Fixed multiple instances of enemies appearing unresponsive in combat
  • Improved Vampire melee attacks to increase chances of hitting players in motion
  • Cultist and Bellwether enemies received general improvements to their combat behaviors, including faster reaction times
  • The Rook is now more relentless and will now hunt down all living party members. Kill or be killed
  • Rook Storm lightning bolts will no longer hit players through rooftops and most other unexpected situations


  • General improvements to human enemy navigation, including animation timing and responsiveness
  • Dormant Vampires are now more susceptible to waking up from player-generated noise
  • Enemies are now drawn towards the greatest threat during combat. This could be a player, Bribón, or an opposing enemy faction
  • Improved enemy pathing options across open-world areas in both districts


  • Players have higher chances of encountering additional and varied enemies while exploring the open world
  • Enemies are no longer able to shoot through certain walls in the Fire Station
  • Vampire Nest exit door will now appear correctly in the Shipyard heart instance
  • Improved many instances of visual issues at a distance, including materials and model adjustments
  • Mission Briefing sequences are brighter

With these changes, will you be playing the game again? Redfall Update v1.1 is available on Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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