Red Dead Redemption On PC? An Unofficial Release May Come Soon

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A modder is remastering Red Dead Redemption on PC.
A modder is remastering Red Dead Redemption on PC. Rockstar

So, you really think Red Dead Redemption 2 will not appear on PC? It's a possibility thanks to a modder who is reportedly remastering the visuals of the original title for PC players.

Of course, the first Red Dead Redemption game never had the chance to be ported to PC. However, the game has since been playable thanks to the existence of emulators. And while there was a rumored remake, it was easily proven to be nonsense. Besides, it is almost impossible for Rockstar Games to focus its resources and make the PC port a priority. And while emulators are there, they can only do so much for the game.

Thankfully, a modder by the name of DamnedDev is looking to make the impossible possible. The in-development mod is called Red Dead Redemption: Damned Enhancement Project. The mod’s code is basically based on the emulated Xbox 360/PS3 versions of the original game which runs on both Xenia and RPCS3.

DamnedDev’s plan is to significantly boost the game’s textures and upgrade both the UI and HUD. More importantly, the modder want to remove a handful of effects Rockstar previously implemented in the original title in hopes of drastically improving the overall performance. Assuming that the mod will eventually exist, players can expect a deluge of frame-rate improvements, which were a major concern in the first Red Dead Redemption game.

Interestingly, DamnedDev already has a version of the mod playable. Even more so, the developer will reportedly release it sometime in December. Of course, the mod version is still in infancy, especially since the modder is currently looking for help from experienced developers and modders alike.

It is worth noting that a copy of Red Dead Redemption will not be included. Players will have to rip and emulate the game on their own. According to DamnedDev, the reason is to simply avoid the legal ire that Rockstar and Take-Two could bring.

Below is the gameplay from the mod in an earlier version. It does look inviting and interesting. Hopefully, they can pull this off!

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