Red Dead Online Weekly Update: Take On A Savage Family of Brutes In This Week's Legendary Bounty

A brand-new Collector Free Roam event, log-in bonuses, new weapons, clothing and more also now available.
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Rockstar Games has announced its weekly content update for Red Dead Online.
Rockstar Games has announced its weekly content update for Red Dead Online. Rockstar Games

With another week beginning, it’s time for another weekly look at updates coming to Red Dead Online, and for this week there’s a new Legendary Bounty stalking its way to the Bounty Boards. Prepare for another dangerous hunt, as there are multiple members to be captured. Also incoming is a brand-new Collector Free Roam event, which will reward players with an amazing prize at the end. Of course, there are many more bonuses that await, from specific log-in rewards to Role Free Roam rewards. Players can also get a new weapon available at local Fences, in addition to new clothing bonuses and a free-aim iteration for this week’s update.

First off, the newest Legendary Bounty Hunt calls for those responsible for the horrendous murders of many innocent travelers. A huge bounty has been placed on the senior members of The Owlhoot Family, effective immediately. With their area of operations pinpointed somewhere in Rio Bravo, this gang of violent savages is wanted for multiple counts of barbarism and murder around Benedict Pass. The bounty hunt calls for them dead or alive by October 7, and you may very well benefit from the help of other Bounty Hunters as there are multiple targets to take down.

Bounty Hunters who successfully bring the The Owlhoot Family to justice by October 7 will also be rewarded with a bonus of 5 Tomahawks.

For Collectors in the Frontier, a rare and high-value Condor Egg’s existence is widely rumored, and is now at the center of this week’s Collector Free Roam event. Those who are a part of this hunt should look to the skies for clues, as condors tend to circle overhead – watch out for bandits in the area, though. The first player to find the Egg will get to keep it to do with it whatever they want, so if you’re of Collectors Rank 4 and above, keep an eye out for the invite while exploring in Free Roam.

Now gracing the shelves of fences this week is the Hunter Hatchet, a brutal and sharp-edged weapon that can cut through both flesh and bone alike. Visit the fences in Saint Denis, Emerald Ranch, Van Horn and Rhodes to get your own. While you’re at it, take part in defending stockpiles from raiding opponents in this week’s free-aim event, Spoils of War.

For players who will log-in this week, be prepared to receive a gift of RDO$200 just for playing Red Dead Online. Play some more and compete in any Role Free Roam Event to get an exclusive red and black colorway of the Fuentes Poncho.

Finally, make sure to enable 2-step verification for your Social Club account to receive a bonus 2,000 Club Exp, as well as an exclusive tint of a brand-new clothing item – the Morales Vest.

Red Dead Online is now available to play on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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