Red Dead Online Weekly Update: Win Races and Get Triple Rewards

Rather small update.
Rather small update. Rockstar Games

This week in Red Dead Online is all about speed as Races is handing out 3X RDO$ and XP. Players get these rewards regardless of whether they win or lose. However, for those who make it to the Top 3, they get an offer for 40% off any saddle. Posse Races are also giving out triple XP so don’t forget to remind your crew.

If all of these races leave your horse winded, not to worry. Simply go to your local stables and pick up a Horse Care Package for free. Hopefully, this should help restore and replenish your steed’s vitals.

For this week, players have the chance to fill their stables with a 30% discount on all racehorse breeds. Saddlebags and stirrups, on the other hand, are offered at 40% off.

Those looking for a fight can drop by the different gunsmiths and get the Evans Repeater, available at 50% off. The other weapon offered at a discount is the bow, which comes at 40% off. Don’t also forget to look the part as outfits are being offered at 40% off this week.

Over at the Wheeler, Rawson, and Co., here are the items being offered at a limited time:

  • Eberhart Coat
  • Fanned Stovepipe Hat
  • Macbay Jacket
  • Chambliss Corset
  • Danube Outfit

With all of that out of the way, let’s take a look at Prime Gaming benefits. For this week, members receive rewards for:

  • A Free Bounty Hunter License
  • A Free Trimmed Amethyst Bounty Wagon Livery

Planned Update

For sure, you’re probably thinking that this is a rather lean update, and that’s because several things are being planned.

For next week, players can expect eight new races that span across different locations in five states. Players can also practice their skills on horseback to prepare for the new Standard Races. Then, there are the new Open Races, Target Races, and Open Target Races. Remember, all of these will arrive in the game on May 25.

Besides races, the summer update is set to introduce new missions. These upcoming features should be enough to explain the rather small weekly update received today.

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