Red Dead Online Weekly Update: 3-Day Challenge Streak Rewards And A Ton Of Free Roam Event Rewards

Plus, 25 percent off of essential ordinance provisions.
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RDO Weekly
Rockstar Games has announced its weekly content update for Red Dead Online. Rockstar Games

It’s time for another weekly update for Red Dead Online, and for this iteration expect some very neat rewards awaiting players who invest time and effort with the Daily Challenges, as well as a ton of Free Roam event rewards. Plus, check out the habitual fanfare of new clothing and various discounts.

Last week’s update was all about the horses, as Horse Care Packages were rolled out, as well as various Horse-related items going on sale. This week, consider going on streaks with your daily challenges, as Rockstar announced a very special reward to those who do so for the next three days.

All Red Dead Online players who will make an effort to reach a 3-day challenge streak (entails one challenge per day) by July 29 will receive a bonus Treasure Map. These can then be accessed in the Documents tab of your Satchel, with the hidden treasure itself more often than not containing high-value rewards like RDO$ and Gold to those who seek them.

Likewise, joining any Free Roam event has its upsides too, as they will pay out extra this week, with 30 percent extra RDO$ and XP awaiting players. It’s just better to be in a group this week as well, as there’s also a hefty 30 percent bonus XP across all activities while playing in a Temporary or Persistent Posse. If you really want to make the best of it, start a Persistent Posse for 50 percent off to ride with seven other players for more benefits.

RDO Clothing
Check out the brand-new additions for the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue. Photo: Rockstar Games

There’s also a lot of new arrivals this week at the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalogue. This is great for those looking for some new threads, as the catalog now includes burnished leather Gibbston Pants and a pair of Blackburn Boots. Both come in different colors and are now permanent additions to the Catalogue. Coming in at limited supplies are for players with formal engagements to attend: the dapper and dashing duo of the Fanned Stovepipe Hat and the Irwin Coat.

Visit your Fences and Gunsmiths this week as well, as there is a statewide discount of 25 percent off essential ordnance provisions like the Incendiary Buckshot Pamphlet, Small Game Arrow Pamphlet, Studded Explorer Gun Belt and the Sharpshooter Gun Belt. Take 25 percent off the Potent Predator Bait Pamphlet as well and craft your own bait.

For this week’s Twitch Prime rewards, players who have linked their accounts to the Social Club will be receiving the Tasman and Danube outfits, the boisterous "How Dare You" emote and the high-powered Carcano Rifle, all for free and with no Rank locks. They will also get an additional 10% discount on all of the discounts listed below:

  • 60% off the Permanent Posse
  • 35% off the Incendiary Buckshot Pamphlet, Small Game Arrow Pamphlet, Potent Predator Bait Pamphlet, Studded Explorer Gun Belt and the Sharpshooter Gun Belt.

Red Dead Online is now available to play on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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