Red Dead Online Patch Notes - New Missions, Poker, Fishing And More

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Red Dead Online is finally out of beta - check out the huge update here.
Red Dead Online is finally out of beta - check out the huge update here. Rockstar Games

Yesterday Rockstar Games formally announced that their newest online title Red Dead Online, has officially left beta. With this comes the biggest update to the title ever, bringing with it a host of new gameplay mechanics and features ranging from cooperative story missions and free roam activities, to more casual ones like poker and fishing. That’s not to mention, of course, various stability and improvement fixes for the game, which hope to improve your Red Dead Online experience.

The Red Dead Online beta was a massive success, Rockstar states in its blog post, as the resulting feedback allowed the developers to fine-tune the game into what it is now. Expect more updates and content to come, as it looks like the developer will turn this into something like Grand Theft Auto Online, which has been running for more than a few years now.

Here is a quick rundown of the changes that came with Red Dead Online coming out of beta. A full, in-depth look at the changes can be found here.

New Co-Op Missions – Jessica LeClerk’s story continues with the release of new missions for both honorable and dishonorable players, in the mission pack entitled ‘A Land of Opportunities.’ The Gunslinger, or good guy path, will see you and your teammates face off against the Del Lobos gang and ultimately help Marshall Tom Davies save Valentine. The Outlaw, or bad guy path, will see you outwit lawmen in assisting Samson Finch in a daring high-stakes theft at the Saint Denis bank. Both paths ultimately converge in Blackwater, where you will face off with a dangerous adversary.

Free Roam Missions – There are new missions available today for you to discover while in free roam, coming from brand-new characters. The missions are varied and diverse, so it won’t feel like copies of the ones you’ve already played.

Posse Versus Challenges – Competitive fishing, bird shooting and herb picking make their way into the game.

Dynamic Events – Random encounters that pop up on the map while you’re on your travels will give XP, Honor, Cash or even Gold rewards.

Poker – You can now visit various poker tables across the game world and challenge your friends in an invite-only game of Hold ‘Em, or raise the stakes and compete with strangers in public, where the rewards are higher.

In addition to this, the update also adds the new Overrun Showdown mode, new weapons, clothing and emotes, various playing styles, an improved hostility system and major balance fixes and improvements. You can check out the full patch notes on Rockstar Games’ own site, over here.

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