Red Dead Online Launches Four New Maps For Showdown Series

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Some new maps to enjoy.
Some new maps to enjoy. Rockstar Games

If you though that Red Dead Online’s weekly update this week was a bit lean then here’s some good news for you. Four new maps have been introduced to Showdown Series and each one has you start with just a fistful of Throwing Knives. Each map also spans across four modes.

That’s not all. In this week’s update it was revealed that Showdown Modes are handing out Double XP. That Double XP boost has been extended not only to the Featured Series, but also to the four new maps. This boost is available until April 13.

The first map is Overrun. Located in Pike’s Basin, this good old-fashioned turf war is straightforward. All that needs to be done is capture, and then retain, the most number of territories to claim the victory. Capturing territories is rather easy, but the difficult part is holding on to them and, of course, surviving.

Up next is Spoils of War. This map puts you in Roanoke Valley, which is in New Hanover and just north of the Annesburg Mines. It’s essentially a game of capture the flag, where players need to steal supplies from enemies while defending their own stockpile. The team that manages to steal the most gets the win. What’s the catch? Other players no longer appear blipped on the game’s mini-map.

Third map introduced is Plunder and the battle is in Stillwater Creek. Well it’s not really a battle, since all you need to do is gather all of the unclaimed loot in the area and return it to your home base. The team with the highest score wins. Like with the previous map, other players are not blipped on the mini-map as well.

Finally, there is Up in Smoke which brings you to the calm waters of Kamassa River. The game starts with all players carrying a package. The objective is to deliver it to the enemy’s camp and not get killed in the process. The team that delivers the most number of packages to their opponent’s camp gets to destroy it and get the win. You also can’t see other players on the mini-map in this one as well.

If that isn’t enough to excite you, Red Dead Online revealed that two more maps are set to be introduced to Showdown Modes over the coming weeks.

You can read more about this week’s update here.

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