Red Dead Online February Update: Traders Get a Lot of Bonuses This Month

See what's happening this month.
See what's happening this month. Rockstar Games

It looks like February is going to be good for Traders in Red Dead Online. That's because they're receiving a lot of bonuses for the entire month. For example, there's the 10 Predator Bait that they can get by simply playing the game.

Traders should also be happy to know that there's been an increase in the demand for furs. As a result, trappers and merchants are paying out an additional 50% RDO$ bonus for all Pelts delivered. In addition, Pelts turned in as Materials to Cripps also have increased value.

What else? Experienced Traders who decide to band together to protect goods from attackers in the Trade Route Free Roam Event get 2X Character and Role XP. By the way, all Trader Sales completed for the entire month pay twice as much RDO$.

Featured Series

For this month’s Featured Series bonuses, here are what players can expect:

  • February 1 to February 7: Hardcore Elimination Series
    • Create a custom Outfit to receive a 50% off any Camp Dog.
    • Visit the Camp's Stew Pot to see Cripps' Special Stew recipe and make it anytime this week to receive a free The Hobo Life 1 Outfit for Cripps to wear.
  • February 8 to February 14: New Hanover Series
    • Craft an Item while at the Campfire to receive the Pink Camp Flag.
    • Track down, find, and hunt any Legendary Animal to receive a red version of the Cornhill Hat.
    • Protect the town of Valentine from attackers in Call to Arms this week and reach Wave 3 to receive a red Chuparosa Poncho.
    • Play anytime this week to receive 5 Fine Brandies and 10 Chocolate Bars.
    • Win any Featured Series to receive 5 Gold Bars off the Butcher's Table.
  • February 15 to February 21: Sport of Kings and Last Stand Series
    • Owners of a Large Camp receive a 50% off a Camp Tent.
    • Complete a Trader Sell Mission and completely fill up the Trader Materials to receive an additional 2,000 Trader XP.
  • February 22 to February 28: Tumbleweed Series
    • Play this week's Featured Series to receive a 30% off a Deluxe Campfire.
    • Craft any item at Gus' store to receive a red pair of Mountfleet Gloves.

Discounts for Naturalists

For February, Naturalists can go to Harriet Davenport and buy the Sample Kit for five Gold Bars off. She’s also offering Legendary Animal Pheromones at a 70% discount. Meanwhile, Gus Macmillan is offering his Ram Horn Trinket for 40% off.

Still on Naturalists, the Varmint Rifle is being offered at 75% off while the Carcano Rifle is available at a 40% discount.

Learn more about what’s happening this month here.

Red Dead Online is available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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