Ready or Not Adam Patch 5 Brings Support for Custom Sounds and Music

Ready or Not
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Ready or Not, the PvE tactical game by VOID Interactive, has received yet another patch. This one isn’t as big as the Adam Update released early this month, but it does bring some crucial additions and fixes.

The patch reduced the evidence collection time by 10% and fixed SWAT sliding when prepping a grenade. It also improved the transition and smoothness of the arrest paired interaction. From now on, the mission select screen and end screen animations will save and display scores.

Modders will be happy to know that support for custom sounds and custom music has been introduced. Players can choose between 3D or 2D audio and decide if they want it on loop or not. Additional attributes for 3D audio can be changed and more will be added later.

  • ROE bug fixes and improvements
  • Decrease evidence collection time by 10%
  • Arrest paired interaction transitions and smoothness
  • Fix scores not saving and not displaying on the mission select screen and mission end screen Animation
  • Fix SWAT sliding whilst prepping a grenade to breach
  • Add support for custom sounds (documentation coming soon, ask Zack):
  • Choose between 3D/2D sounds, and whether or not they loop
  • Customize certain attributes for 3D sounds (more parameters to edit soon!)
  • Add support for custom music:
  • Barebones template
  • Customize certain attributes for music (enable combat, sudden or fade combat transition, more soon!)
  • Fix issues on Data Center where upon restarting, the OST wouldn't play in the right spot
  • Fix more double doors having gaps in between, allowing AI to see through them
  • Fix more double doors having gaps in between, allowing AI to see through them
  • Regenerated world data and cover points
  • Fix Belle Brady not spawning in as an objective

The complete changelog can be read via Steam, where you can also purchase the game.

So, what do you think? Are you interested in any of these changes? Have you been playing Ready or Not recently? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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