Ranch Simulator April Update: New Houses, Bug Fixes, and More

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Ranch Simulator developer, Toxic Dog, recently released a new update that adds new content and fixed some known issues.

The latest update includes three new houses available for construction. The houses will have more slots for meat and cheese in the curing room depending on the price of the construction. The most expensive house will have more slots in the curing room than cheaper houses, but don’t worry as all buildings will come with a functioning stove as well. The developers have also added a pan for boiling meat and making curd/cheese, which will make a great addition to the new houses.

Ranch Simulator Update

New Additions:

  • When you slaughter an animal with a firearm, you can scare other animals nearby
  • Added fast food restaurant with daily specials, where you can sell any of the requested goods for a higher price
  • Added a cooler container for transporting meat and cheese products (up to 12 spaces available)
  • Added white and blue mold cultures for making moldy cheese
  • Added manual and automatic grinder
  • Added manual and automatic sausage stuffer
  • Added the ability to produce beef, pork, and chicken, as well as sausages, salami, meatballs, and cheese.
  • Added two trailers: a small trailer and a car trailer
  • Added the ability to sell goods from the trunk/trailer
  • Added the ability to control the vehicles using the mouse (available as an additional option in the settings)
  • Added official soundtrack to the main menu
  • Added button to hide the interface (F9)
  • Added the ability to destroy the cell/stall in the barn
  • Added the ability to destroy the house and to build a new one
  • Added the ability to play with more than three friends by adding the Game.Maxplayers=4 parameter to the Settings.ini file which can be found by doing the following
    • Press the Windows key + R on your keyboard to open the run console
    • Type in %appdata%/../Local/Ranch_Simulator/Saved/Config/WindowsNoEditor and press ok.We don't officially support this in our recommended specifications, so increase this amount at your own risk. If you experience lag or other multiplayer issues, all we can say is to reduce it back to four.

Fixes and Changes:

  • Сhanged the shape of the stall, pigs will no longer get stuck when they are well fattened
  • Fixed ATV lights position
  • Fixed tree twisting after chopping it down
  • The general store has changed, another entrance has been added, the buy/sell zone is now outside, the landscape has been leveled and raised
  • Fixed wheels shaking/bouncing on the ground
  • Fixed a bug when eggs in the basket were not saved
  • Fixed the sound of footsteps in the third person when the sound was only in one channel
  • Fixed a bug where a lot of cut trees and cut grass were not synced with the client player(s)
  • Fixed a bug where the well could break after loading a save
  • Tuned vehicles parameters, tightened steering
  • Balanced car prices
  • Some textures, materials, and geometry of objects have been optimized
  • Removed post-process that made items darker on the ranch
  • Removed a spot on the map where you could get stuck between stones
  • Several places on the map have been visually updated.
  • There's a possible issue when loading a save from the previous version that areas where the grass was mowed or trees chopped could reappear. These will need to be removed again manually.
  • The sales assistant at the general store sits correctly on her seat
  • You can now load planks on the white pickup
  • Fixed radio tower position
  • Fixed error where players couldn't buy a car because a higher license was needed
  • Fixed bug with items changing their size
  • Added Polish and Korean translations
  • Animal feces now decompose after some time (this is a temporary solution until feces will be needed for fertilizer)
  • Added VFX and sound to barn stall demolishing
  • Additional optimization has been implemented for a large number of animals
  • Reduced the amount of food and water consumed by chickens

You can read more about the update here.

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