Covens Release Date: Mobile Game From Raincrow Studios Releases March 20

Coven: The Ember Days Raincrow Studios

Raincrow Studios is preparing to release their magic and witchcraft-related augmented reality game Covens on March 20. The game will be officially launched during the GDC Play event in San Francisco. Powered by the Creatix Real World Game Engine, Covens makes use of different mythologies from around the world to give players a full experience.

The game will be available for both Android and iOS, and while the launch is still next week, open beta for the game started way back in October 2018. In addition to featuring augmented reality, the game also has location-based features.

In Covens, players start their journey of becoming a Master Witch by choosing between the White, Shadow, or Grey alignments. Players can customize their characters with different hairstyles, outfits and hundreds of other cosmetics in order to ensure that each player has a unique look.

Players cast spells using their Book Shadows, but will need to be careful as the spells can either give extraordinary results or have negative consequences. It is possible to battle evil spirits and even other players.

In the game, players can meet key characters like Savannah Grey, who heads the Grey Coven. These characters give players their daily blessing. There is also Regina ,who heads the Seven Hills Coven and the Prince of Merchants, who can give players excellent items at the right price.

Coven Key Characters Photo: Rancrow Studios

One character that players need to look out for is the vampire John the Revelator, who unwittingly starts the war between witches and vampires. His role will be explained further through a downloadable comic, fittingly titled John the Revelator. This will be released by Raincrow through Amazon Kindle Books and Google Play Books and will be free for a limited time.

For now, the full title of the game is Covens: The Ember Days and is expected to first of a trilogy with Vampire Tribunals to be released some late this years. The final piece will be Sons of Enoch.

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