Rainbow Six Y6S4 High Calibre Patch Notes Addendum

Rainbow Six Siege
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Rainbow Six Siege recently received an update containing bug fixes and improvements to the HUD. The developers are reworking the HUD because most players don’t like it taking a big part of their screen. So, the developers have taken multiple steps, such as reducing the compass size, dimming the action reminder opacity while the player is aiming down sights, and adding an option to choose between Advanced/Simplified compass in the HUD options.

In this patch, the developers addressed tons of bugs present in-game. One major issue where the grenade indicator color is inconsistent with the level of threat has been fixed. This issue was annoying because players weren’t able to determine if the grenade was about to explode.

Rainbow Six Siege Y6S4 High Calibre Patch Notes Addendum


  • Movement speed while using ADS upside down is faster than right side up during Rappel.
  • Changing sensitivity mid-game removes the ability to look in any direction while in ADS.
  • Barbed wire can be destroyed by allies when friendly fire is off.
  • Muffled sound on some weapons.
  • Reinforcement hinges are invisible from one side and block bullets.
  • Some gadgets don't break the glass window when deployed on a barricade.
  • Threat indicator doesn't appear for a grenade dropped by an eliminated Operator.
  • Crosshairs of the Bulletproof Camera are not visible for teammates and spectators.
  • Laser sight remains visible while in ADS.
  • Barbed wire destroys Defenders' secondary gadgets when it's deployed on top of them.
  • The same controller input is used for dropping the defuser and switching ability mode.
  • Compass options in the HUD section can be changed when the compass is turned off.
  • Various UI issues.
  • Various Match Replay issues.
  • Various localization issues.
  • Various audio, SFX, and VFX issues.
  • Various customization and Shop issues.
  • Custom Playlists present some inconsistencies between cross-platform for PC and Stadia.
  • Saved Customization can be reset after a patch.
  • Players may encounter a crash when exiting the Loadout section of an Operator's menu.
  • Alpha Packs cannot be opened using the Enter button on the keyboard or the X/A button on controllers.
  • The game crashes after filling a text chat box with specific characters and sending the message.
  • Inputs aren't displayed for the Action Reminders.
  • Occasionally a squad member will not be able to hear anyone in a session on Stadia.
  • Xbox players can lose all in-game audio and then crash.

You can read more about the update here.

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