Rainbow Six Siege Y6S3 Operator Changes and Weapon Balancing

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Y6S3 Pre-Season Designer's Notes for Rainbow Six Siege recently showed the upcoming operator changes and weapon balances. These changes and the new operator, OSA, will be available for a tryout in the Technical Test Server. Some of the operator changes are mentioned below.


Finka is an operator that is rarely used in Ranked and Competitive because she brings no utility for the team. To increase her pick rate, developers have replaced Hard Breach Charges with Frag Grenades. This change will bring more utility in terms of clearing sites, and getting kills plus information on the opponents.


Fuze is an operator that requires a lot of map knowledge and coordination to use. His gadget, Cluster Charges, allows him to clear a site easily, but the charges can only be deployed through soft walls and surfaces. In the coming update, developers are slightly buffing him by giving him the ability to use his gadget through reinforced surfaces and Mira’s Black Mirror. The charges require additional time to pass through reinforcements unlike soft walls, which means Fuze will have to time charges right or defenders can easily run away. Sadly, the AK-12 will have increased recoil, which will make him a bit harder to play.


Iana is currently one of the easiest and most picked operators on attack. She has two strong primary weapons, G36C and ARC200, which give her an advantage in gunfights. So, developers are nerfing her gunfight capability by removing her 2.0x scope from the G36C and 2.5x scope from the ARX200. This won’t reduce the pick rate by a lot as she still brings a lot of utility to the team. But players who want to take long-range fights with easy weapons will have to pick another operator.


Sledge is currently the most played operator across all modes due to his utility and strong weapons. After the Ash and Zofia nerf, players started to play more Sledge. This increased Sledge's presence that led developers to remove his SMG-11 secondary weapon. The change isn’t too bad but taking close-range gunfights will become much harder.

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