Rainbow Six Siege White Noise DLC: New 'Dokkaebi' Operator Leaked

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Rainbow Six Siege White Noise
A leaked Rainbow Six Siege White Noise operator is Dokkaebi. Ubisoft

Earlier this month, the Rainbow Six Siege official Ubisoft blog announced the title of the next major update: the Year 2 Season 4 Operation White Noise. Players are expected to receive a new South Korea map, two new South Korea operators as well as one bonus Polish attacker. Operation White Noise details are trickling in as a new blog on Wednesday revealed the latest map, Mok Myeok Tower. On Friday, a reddit post also revealed one new operator.

According to redditor TheDudelsack, who shared a link to an official Ubisoft Siege blog that has since been taken down, The new South Korean 707th Special Mission Battalion operator goes by the name Dokkaebi. And according to Korean folklore, the Dokkaebi “possesses extraordinary powers and abilities that are used to interact with humans, at times playing tricks on them and at times helping them.”

The Dokkaebi’s description on Wikipedia further describes it as “harmless but nevertheless mischievous.” Finally, the Korean goblin is also said to possess magical items such as a Dokkaebi Gamtu, a hat that “grants the wearer the ability of invisibility.”

Ubisoft has yet to reveal details of the new South Korean specialist, but the origins of the name Dokkaebi could reveal some of the attributes hiding in the new operator’s sleeve. Perhaps there’s a cloak of some sort? But how OP would that be?

So far, Rainbow Six Siege has only unveiled the new map. Mok Myeok Tower is a dazzling skyscraper located in the city’s center. The map is all the way up in the observation tower, and features a mixture of modern and traditional Korean architecture. Inside, there are tea rooms, lounges, sleek modern offices, as well as a restaurant, nightclub and art gallery.

According to the development team, the new map design places emphasis on the tower’s height. “Our goal was to bring the fear of heights and a sensation of falling,” says Level Designer Jacques Wong. “ The verticality and sense of being high-up is felt inside just as much as it is outside.”

More details regarding the latest Rainbow Six Siege Operation White Noise is expected to be announced during the Sao Paolo Pro League Finals, which begins on Nov. 18. Stay tuned for more information in the days ahead.


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