Rainbow Six Siege Vector Glare Brings New Operator and New Map

Rainbow Six Siege Vector Glare
Rainbow Six Siege Vector Glare Ubisoft

Operation Vector Glare, Rainbow Six Siege’s second season of Year Seven is right around the corner. This new season will bring a new attacker, map, and shooting range.


The upcoming attacker is called SENS, and they will receive a new weapon, POF9, which is decent for short- to medium-range gunfights. SENS’ arsenal consists of the 417 and POF9 as primary weapons, and SDP 9mm and Gonne-6 as secondary weapons. SENS can choose between carrying around a Claymore for watching flanks or Breach Charge to open more parts of the map.

SENS’ unique gadget is called R.O.U. Projector System that can be thrown to drop small projectors, which create screens along the path. Players can experiment with this Projector System to cut off the enemy line of sight.

New Map

The developers are finally adding a new map into the game called Close Quarter. However, it might not be the map most players are expecting because this is exclusive to Team Deathmatch. The map has lots of angles for peeking, which helps them train their reflexes. While most of the fights will take place indoors, players can also fight outside and corner their enemies.

Shooting Range

Terrorist Hunt was a time-consuming mode for players who want to quickly train their reflexes or just warm up. Most players had to rely on third-party aim trainers to improve their skills. This season, the developers are introducing the Shooting Range. Here, players can warm up and practice all the weapons to help them get used to recoil. It has two lanes: a recoil lane to measure the player’s accuracy after shooting, and another lane for determining the damage output of each weapon when hitting specific parts of the body.

Rainbow Six Siege Vector Glare Patch Highlights

Match Replay
  • Match replay system on consoles has been improved. In addition, dedicated disk space has been allocated for match replays.
Gridlock Trax Stingers Visual update
  • Gridlock's Trax Stinger now matches team color.
Spectator HUD
  • Additional information about the spectated player are now displayed.
Operator Tips
  • Operator tips are now displayed from the in-game option menu for Ash, Sledge, Thermite, Osa, Bandit, Smoke, Kapkan, and Thorn.
  • Operator tips are also available from the Operator Album.
Crouch Walking
  • Updated the Crouch Walk sound mix.
Map Rotation
  • Added Skyscraper to the Team Deathmatch playlist.

You can read more about the update here.

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