Rainbow Six Siege North American League Stage 2 Standings: Week 5

Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star
Rainbow Six Siege Operation North Star Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege North American League Stage 2 has finished its fifth playday. The top four teams from this region will qualify for the Six August 2021 Major, which is held in Mexico. The North American League is currently being played on LAN following COVID-19 preventive measures.

Beastcoast vs. XSET

The match between Beastcoast and XSET was played on Consulate, which is an attacker-sided map. Beastcoast banned Nomad on attack and Valkyrie on defense, which prevented both teams from being aggressive on either side. Beastcoast started out their first half with a 4-2 scoreline on defense, which was pretty good. However, XSET was able to do the same and bring the game to overtime. The final round went in favor of XSET winning out their defense round. XSET won the game with an 8-7 scoreline that allowed it to stay at eighth place on the leaderboards.

Spacestation Gaming vs. Oxygen Esports

The matchup between Spacestation Gaming and Oxygen Esports was played on Chalet. Spacestation Gaming demolished Oxygen Esports by beating them with a 7-1 scoreline. Oxygen was only able to take one round on defense, however. This matchup was quite surprising because Oxygen performed well during Stage 1 of NAL. But it was barely hanging in the second stage against SSG, which had a roster change. This matchup puts SSG at first place and if it wins one more match in the next playday, it gets a spot at the Six Major.

Team SoloMid vs. Mirage

This match was played on the map, Coastline, which is a super kill-heavy map and can go either way. TSM has to play all its matches with its coach, as its fifth player has visa issues and is unable to take part in Stage 2. The match was really fun to watch as you got to see both teams play aggressively. However, Mirage was able to take the win in overtime with an 8-6 scoreline. Both teams have a good chance of qualifying for the Six Major if they keep the winning streak.

You can watch the stream over here. Check out the match details here.

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