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beastcoast vs ape
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The NA Six Invitational Qualifiers match between APE and BeastCoast just concluded. The matches were played in a best of three series, with no losers’ bracket.

The first map of the series was Oregon. APE started out the match with a terrible first half. Their lack of coordination made it easy for BeastCoast to counter them at every point. BeastCoast was just playing for gunfights and didn’t show anything special during the defensive half. However, the real match started when APE switched to defense.

Still, neither team was any good at coordinating their attacks. Because of this, the match went to overtime. It was played out like the ranked matches in higher ranks. But BeastCoast somehow managed to win the match in the final round. They won the game with an 8-6 scoreline.

The final map was played on Consulate. APE had a solid start on defense with the first two rounds going in their favor. Their strategies consisted of operators, such as Mira and Clash, which are rarely seen on Consulate. Yet after the two-round lead, BeastCoast perfectly read APE’s setup and tactics.

BeastCoast also relied tons on gunfights. GhxsT led the scoreboard with eight kills by Round 4. APE messed up big time with denial operators on the Basement hold. This led BeastCoast to walk into the site and get the plant down without much hesitation.

Thus, BeastCoast dominated on Consulate. They took the game with a 7-3 scoreline, which was surprising since the previous game went overtime.

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