Rainbow Six Siege EU League Stage 2 Playday 8 Results Are Out

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R6EUL playday 9
R6EUL playday 9 esportsinsider

Rainbow Six Siege's EU League 2020 stage two concluded its eighth playday and the results are here. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the matches have been held online. The EU League had some really exciting matches to watch this playday, with all the matches played as a best of one format.

The first match-up of playday eight was played between Team Empire and Chaos. Due to some internet issues Empire was unable to play on the seventh playday, this meant Empire has to win more matches to qualify for the major event. Empire and Chaos decided to duke it out on Coastline, which is a frag-heavy map. Empire on their defense showed us some impressive strategies for kitchen site, which included operators such as Clash, Valkyrie, and Jager roaming in Penthouse to stall Chaos. Dmitry "Scyther" Semenov clutched out a super difficult 1v4 situation on Hookah site with pure gun skill and some callouts from his teammates. Empire was super dominating on the attacking side, which allowed Empire to win the game with a 7-4 scoreline. Danila "dan" Dontsov was the MVP for Empire as he carried his team with 16 kills playing operators such as Thatcher and Melusi.

The matchup between G2 Esports and Team BDS was the most anticipated match of the eighth playday. The match was played on Kafe Dostoyevsky, which is a pretty defender-sided map. The viewers and analysts thought this would be an easy win for G2, as BDS doesn’t really show up on Kafe. But no one accounted for Stéphane "Shaiiko" Lebleu destroying G2 with every step he took.

During the first round, Shaiiko destroyed two players who were trying to peek him, but this round ended with G2 clutching it out. The second round was surely going to be a round win for G2, but in the last ten seconds of the round, Shaiiko killed four players while his teammate successfully got the plant down. This kept continuing almost every round, as the next round Shaiiko was able to get a quick triple kill which secured the round for BDS. On defense, Shaiiko was pretty quiet compared to his attacks, but his teammates picked up on the defense and BDS was able to take Kafe with a 7-3 scoreline against G2. The result of the game was pretty surprising for everyone watching the match, as BDS was able to take it with the help of Shaiiko, who racked up 15 kills by the end of the match.

The best matchup to watch was between Team Vitality and NaVi. This match was played on Coastline. This matchup was pretty fun to watch, even though both teams didn’t really show anything new in terms of strategy. Fabian 'Fabian' Hällsten was really integral for Vitality as he switched between multiple operators and even did the IGL work for Vitality. But it didn’t matter in the end as NaVi was able to win the match with a 7-4 scoreline. It’s hard to conclude which team is better when teams compete on Coastline, but NaVi did get three important points which will be added to the leaderboards.

Another good match to watch was between Virtus.Pro and Rogue. The match was played on Clubhouse, which is a utility-heavy map with the Maverick and Ace ban. Both teams are pretty comfortable when it comes to Clubhouse. VP was super dominating on the attacks as the team closed the first half with a 5-1 scoreline. While VP didn’t show any new strategies, they played according to their tried and true strategy and it was executed perfectly. Rogue did manage to win a couple of rounds on attack, but it was due to the lack of information from VP. Andrey "m1loN" Mironov was definitely the backbone of VP as he carried his team with 18 kills in one match playing operators such as Maestro and Zofia. VP won the match with a 7-4 scoreline, but it could have been 7-2 if VP was successful in impact tricking the hatch.

For more coverage on Rainbow Six Siege's EU League 2020 stage two, you can watch all the streams on Twitch or YouTube.

So, what are your thoughts on the ongoing EU League 2020 stage two for Rainbow Six Siege? Have you enjoyed the games and learned strategies from the pro players? Whatever your thoughts may be, let us know in the comments below.

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