Quake: Update 3 Brings New Accessibility Features and Horde Mode Levels

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The enhanced version of Quake has received its third major update. Update 3 brings new accessibility features, such as the ability to convert text to voice chat in the multiplayer chat window and the option to change the contrast of the user interface. This patch brings three new levels in Horde Mode as well.

New Features

Developers from id Software added new accessibility features to improve your gameplay experience. After installing Update 3, you’ll be greeted with a notification telling you about the new options available.

First, you can now have Quake convert incoming multiplayer text chat into a synthesized voice. If you’re into listening than reading the chat window while playing, this is a great thing to enable. Conversely, you can turn on “Speak for Me in Voice Chat,” so your outgoing chat message will be converted into a synthesized voice audible to other players.

Another new feature worth mentioning is the high contrast mode. This helps improve legibility in the user interface by turning the background predominantly black when enabled. Alternatively, turning high contrast off will set the background to what it was prior to this update.

High Contrast OFF
High Contrast OFF Steam
High Contrast ON
High Contrast ON Steam


  • Alternate Typeface
    • Changes the original in-game font to a more modern one for improved legibility
  • Screen Flash Amount
    • Decreases opacity of onscreen effects to reduce flash intensity
  • Center Message Time
    • Changes the display duration of center print HUD messages
  • Corner Message Time
    • Changes the display duration of corner print HUD messages
  • Maximum Lines
    • Changes the maximum number of onscreen corner print HUD messages
  • Chat Message Time
    • Changes the display duration of multiplayer text chat messages
  • Quality of Life Improvements
    • Added option to disable automatic weapon switching on pickup (Note: This may not work with certain Add-ons)
    • Improved spawn logic to avoid spawning enemies when the player is on a spawn point
  • New levels
    • Relic
    • The Trial
    • The Tower
  • Skill selection balancing adjustments
    • Fewer enemies are spawned in each squad on Easy skill selection
    • Boss enemies will start showing up in earlier waves on Hard and Nightmare skill selections
  • Additional balance adjustments:
    • Ammo now respawns every 20 seconds instead of once per round
    • Enemies are now more tenacious. They will now route around the map and obstacles to find you. No more hiding and safely picking off harmless monsters from a distance
    • Four-player games will now spawn double the enemies in each wave
  • Removed ability to enable cheats in public multiplayer matches (Note: Cheats can still be enabled from a PC host in private matches)

You can read the full patch notes on Quake’s official Steam page.

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