Puzzles & Survival Reaches 10 Million Downloads

A new milestone has been reached.
A new milestone has been reached. 37Games

One would think that many people would no longer be interested in a match-three video game. After all, who’s still playing Candy Crush Saga right? It turns out some players may still be interested in this genre. Puzzles & Survival announced that it had reached 10 million downloads.

Considering that the game was released just in August 2020, that’s actually a good result. In addition, the game has also become the 33rd grossing mobile game in the US.

With the mobile gaming platform already having a lot match-three game titles, how did Puzzles & Survival manage to set itself apart? In essence, what it did was innovate and offered something new to the genre. For one, the game is set in a post-apocalyptic world that’s been overrun with zombies. That alone should give players a pause considering that most match-three games have a more casual and lighter vibe.

In the game, players take on the role of a commander that’s in-charge of a group of survivors. In addition, players also manage a sanctuary while recruiting wandering heroes and help the entire community survive.

The match-three gameplay is actually the main combat mechanic. Players face waves of zombies with a boss at the end. The match-three puzzles allow players to perform different attack combos and let them use the unique skills of different heroes. While there may be a bit of randomness to the game, strategy remains to be involved.

In a press release, 37Games shared that with Puzzles & Survival, they were able to show that it was possible to combine different types of gameplay on order to reinvent a classic game genre. There’s no question that this fresh and engaging approach is something that’s sure to ensure that a mobile game can last long in the market.

Overall, it’s indeed surprising to see that this particular combination works. Then again, it manages to attract fans of two genres. There are the casual gamers that simply want to play something to pass away the time. Then there’s also those who love the zombies and want to have a new gaming experience.

What do you think? Interested enough to try this game out?

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