Puzzle & Dragon: Travel to Ancient China in Latest Collab with Kingdom

Welcome to the Warring States.
Welcome to the Warring States. GungHo Online

The latest collaboration in Puzzle & Dragon challenges players to be the world’s greatest general. That’s because Kingdom is here, and everyone is invited to head over to the warring states of ancient China. This limited-time collaboration ends September 4.

In this newest collab, players have the chance to earn their place with the Great Generals of Heaven through four event-exclusive dungeons:

  • Kingdom
    • Players fight for a chance to win prizes that include a Kingdom Collab Medal - Gold.
    • These medals can be traded at the Monster Exchange.
  • Kingdom Challenge!
    • The strongest warriors get rewarded with first-time rewards when they clear floors and one pull from the Kingdom Memorial Egg Machine for clearing the dungeon.
  • ​Great Generals Rush!
    • This is a high-difficulty dungeon that rewards skilled players with two Kingdom Collab Medal – Rainbow when cleared for the first time.
  • Kingdom-Fixed Team
    • Players are rewarded for clearing the dungeon with fixed teams for every floor.
    • Winners who clear all floors of the dungeon receive one free pull from the Kingdom Memorial Egg Machine.

Special Bundles

They say that a general is only as strong as his army. So, it’s time to build your very own army with these special bundles:

  • 20 Magic Stones and Qiang Lei Egg Machine ($19.99)
    • Grants 20 Magic Stones and one pull from the Qiang Lei Egg Machine.
    • Players also get a special Kingdom Orbs when they get Qiang Lei for the first time.
  • 30 Magic Stones & 6+ Star Kingdom Egg Machine ($29.99)
    • Grants 30 Magic Stones and one pull from the 6+ Star Kingdom Egg Machine which guarantees a 6- or 7-Star character.
  • ​2 Magic Stone and Kingdom Egg Machine ($1.99)
    • Grants 2 Magic Stones and one pull from the Kingdom Egg Machine.

Monster Exchange

Those able to collect collab medals can trade them at the Monster Exchange for an event-exclusive monster, Flag of Qin. The medals can be earned in the Kingdom-Fixed Team dungeon as first-time clear rewards for clearing select floors. They can also be obtained in the Kingdom and Great Generals Rush! dungeon as drops.

Puzzle & Dragons offers two types of gameplay - tile-matching and monster-collecting - players can create teams from a roster of more than 7,000 monsters. The game is available on Android, iOS, and Nintendo Switch.

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