PUBG’s Next Update Makes Changes to Erangel’s Bridges

Prepare for some bridge fights.
Prepare for some bridge fights. PUBG

PUBG announced that Update 11.2 is currently on the test server and is expected to hit live servers next week. Several world changes are arriving particularly in the Erangel Military Island Bridges. The update is also bringing balancing changes to the Reputation System as well as the Drive-by Shooting mechanic.

The bridges between Erangel and Sosnovka Island have long been an iconic feature in the game and they’re getting a makeover with the upcoming update. It now has new defendable positions like the repositioned dump truck. Players are likely to notice the new catwalks added to the bridges and hopefully, these should give teams more defensive options. The same catwalks can also give teams new ways to attack, especially against those who camp on bridges.

Reputation System

It was in Update 10.2 when the game introduced the Reputation System. Since then, the development team has been closely monitoring this feature. One of the things they’ve noticed is that some players were abusing the report mechanics and using it to lower the reputation of others. As such, these changes are arriving:

  • Spamming multiple reports through the replays system no longer unfairly impacts the targeted player’s reputation level compared to regular reports.
  • Set an upper limit to the amount of reputation loss per match to prevent misuse, especially in situations where multiple pre-made squad members report their random teammate.
  • Increased the potential number of reputation points available for players with reputation level 1 or below.
  • Also increased available reputation points for players at reputation level 4.

Drive-by Shooting

After Drive-by Shooting was introduced, PUBG implemented some quality-of-life changes that helped improve the stability in aiming while in vehicles. The addition of this feature was to have teams do more vehicular combat. However, it seems that the overall vehicle-to-player gunplay was too much than expected.

To address this specific concern, Update 11.2 is increasing in-game vehicle recoil by 10%.

Survivor Pass

Once the new update goes live, the Survivor Pass: Pajama Party also becomes available to players. This marks the start of a new way of releasing passes, which are no longer related to season or time but still carries the same mechanics.

These are two item packages offered:

  • Pajama Party Weapon Pack (990 G-Coin)
    • Premium Pass + The Big Sleep – AUG weapon skin.
  • Pajama Party Weapon and Level Pack (3,270 G-Coin)
    • Premium Pass + The Big Sleep – AUG weapon skin + Lv.30 coupon.

Other details of this Survivor Pass are:

  • Offer more than 30 rewards as players work their way through 50 levels.
    • Players can earn XPs by playing matches and completing missions.
    • Players can use G-Coin to buy additional levels.
  • The mission types are:
    • Daily Missions
    • Weekly Missions
    • Challenge Missions
  • Duration: April 28 to June 9
    • Rewards need to be claimed before the pass ends since there’s no grace period.
    • Coupons must be used before the season ends or they’ll be unusable after.

Read more about Update 11.2 here.

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