PUBG Reveals Plans For Ecosystem, Wants Players To Spend BP

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PUBG wants to increase value of BP.
PUBG wants to increase value of BP. PUBG

PUBG announced that it is looking into introducing a new system that allows players to swap out the pass missions more often with the use of Battlegrounds Points. Battlegrounds Points, or BP, are the game’s default currency which can be used to buy crates or limited release items through the in-game store.

For the uninitiated, BP is computed by adding these factors: reward for playtime, kills, damage inflicted, and rank.

In a post by Soon Ho Choi and the PUBG Console Team, it was found out that there is a large number of BP in the economy that is accumulated over time but has not been spent. Specifically, the average BP Balance per Console Player increased from above 7,000 in February of this year to around 11,000 by April. The BP balance has since stayed around there until July.

In order to increase the inherent value of BP, the team has added a few measures:

  • With the July update, 28 skins are now going to be available for purchase using BP.
    • Examples include:
      • Combat Pants (Coral)
      • Retro Polo Shirt
      • Hi-top Canvas Sneakers (Pink)
      • Checkered Shirt (Coral)
      • Combat Gloves (Khaki)
      • Mesh Polo Shirt
  • With the August update, the Madsy sneakers collection is going to be introduced and sold with BP
    • Examples include:
      • Madsy Classic Loafers
      • Madsy Tipped Loafers
      • Madsy Strapped Loafers
      • Madsy BG1 Chasers
      • Madsy BG1 Trekkers
      • Madsy BG1 Defenders
  • PUBG is also going to add various new BP skins by fall, which includes BattleStat skins
  • Give players the ability to swap out missions in Survivor Pass 4: AFTERMATH for those who want to reroll more than the amount given freely

With these measures, the team hopes to make BP more valuable and effective.

PUBG is also reminding players that the July PTS remains open, and is expected to close by August 6. For those who were able to participate in the PTS, they will receive these rewards:

  • First week participation: 4,000 BP
    • More than three hours of gameplay required
  • Second week participation: 4,000 BP
    • More than three hours of gameplay required
  • For participating in both weeks: Bonus 2,000 BP
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