PUBG Mobile Getting 90FPS Gameplay Support Soon

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PUBG Mobile
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The most demanded feature, support for 90fps, is finally coming to the popular mobile battle royal shooter PUBG Mobile. The news was confirmed by Qualcomm at the ongoing Snapdragon Tech Summit.

PUBG Mobile was one of the most played games on mobile devices this year. The game has attracted over 400 million players. Although being a mobile game, PUBG Mobile lets players tweak various in-game settings including graphics and fps limit. In the current version of the game, the best settings players can choose include Ultra and HDR, which is a simulated form of HDR with buttery smooth 60fps.

PUBG Mobile
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While many people talk about display panels with higher refresh rates, not many people paid attention to the growing trend of mobile displays receiving support for a higher refresh rate, especially on gaming smartphones. Some manufacturers have been able to ship smartphones with displays supporting up to 90Hz, and some even touch 120Hz. Sadly, not many games including PUBG, are capable of surpassing the 60Hz threshold. Games for mobile devices are generally programmed to run at 60fps, but after the latest announcement from Qualcomm, we might potentially see a new trend in mobile gaming, where games can be run well above 60Hz.

At the Snapdragon Tech Summit, Qualcomm also revealed its new flagship chipset, Snapdragon 865. While discussing how powerful the new chipset is going to be, the chipset manufacturer also confirmed that PUBG Mobile will receive 90fps support.
Additionally, the game will also receive true 10-bit HDR support, which may improve dynamic range on mobile displays significantly. However, there hasn't been any announcement as to when players might see these updates in effect.

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