PUBG: Battlegrounds Brings Back Tactical Items in Update 30.2

Look what's returning! Krafton

Good news for players of PUBG: Battlegrounds. It looks like some useful tactical items are returning to the game. Not only that, but there are also going to be adjustments to these items.

Back in September 2023, it was announced that Tactical Gear was being removed. However, there was a caveat that it could be reintroduced in future patches. It seems that time is now. One of the items being brought back is the Tactical Pack with the attachment slots being increased to 3 from 2. Then there's the EMT Gear which brings with it slightly lower usage time of heal items. In particular, these are:

  • Med Kit: 4 seconds
  • First Aid Kit: 3 seconds
  • Bandage: 2 seconds
  • Battle Ready Kit: 4 seconds

In addition, the revival speed of teammates has been lowered as well to 5 seconds.

For these two items in particular, the development team revealed that the benefits were increased considering that if players used them, they had to give up the dual-weapon play style.

Another item that's returning is the All-In-One Repair Kit. The only catch is that it can now only be utilized a maximum of three times, down from 10 in the previous version.

Other Changes

The upcoming update also brings with it some interesting changes. For example, it's going to be easy to create a Clan. That's because it now costs 4,5000 BP instead of 15,000 BP.

Players should be happy to know that there's going such a thing as Gear Recommendation. It now highlights:

  • Gear with higher durability, even if it's the same level as the current gear the player has.
  • Gear when the current gear is destroyed.
  • All lootable gear, not just the nearest gear.
  • The Jammer Pack when equipping a Lv. 2 Backpack.

Changes were also made to the inventory. For example, when the Inventory is opened and players drag nearby items into it, the Inventory area is now more clearly displayed. In addition, a new UI has been added for items being dragged into the Inventory.

Check out all the changes arriving to update version 30.2 here. Aside from tactical items, Fantasy Battle Royale is also returning and you can read more about it here.

PUBG: Battlegrounds is available on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Android, and iOS.

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