PSVR Co-Op Title Medusa And Her Lover Is Headed To The West Tomorrow

Fortunately playable for both couples and single players.
Medusa and Her Lover is all set for its release tomorrow for the PlayStation VR.
Medusa and Her Lover is all set for its release tomorrow for the PlayStation VR. Playism

Along with Counter Fight 3 and Spiderman: Far From Home Virtual Reality Experience, PlayStation’s The Drop blog also declared the release of a fairly unknown title for the PSVR: Medusa and Her Lover.

Originally released in April of 2019 in Japan, the co-op adventure virtual reality game will be available for western players on June 25, 2019, as announced by publisher Playism and developers Ship of Eyln and Microvision.

The story revolves around the titular character Medusa, cursed to turn those who she gazes at into stone, and Gaios, who has sworn to free her from this curse so that they may gaze at each other once again. However, both of them need to undertake a deadly and perilous journey to complete their mission.

The game promises six episodes for players. Overcoming the different obstacles for each episode’s stage means progress for the story, which hasn't been laid out. The trailer, which you can watch below, only gives so much gameplay with little to no hint about the story for us to figure out.

Medusa and Her Lover offers both co-operative play and single player options. If played with two players, Medusa will be controlled through the VR headset and Gaios is controlled via the TV Screen. Key features in the game include both the pros and cons of having Medusa as your lover and travel companion. Medusa’s curse allows her to turn any creature into stone, and then Gaios can wallop them to bits with his sword. However, any creature means Medusa can also turn Gaios into stone if she gazes towards his face. This is how it works for co-operative play. However, for playing alone, the mechanics still seem vague, although the trailer did specify that you can control Medusa with your left controller and Gaios with the right in single player mode.

The game looks like a bit of fun for a more than a couple of hours for those who want a challenge in co-op mode. Medusa and Her Lover is available on the PlayStation Store for $19.99 this June 25.

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