PS4 Gifting Ideas: 7 Of The Best Custom PS4 Controllers

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The features and design of a gaming controller go a long way in improving your skills and gaming technique. Although standard PS4 controllers are okay for how they allow players to game, custom controllers are tailor-made for people with specific preferences. A custom controller can drastically improve a player’s performance in games, and this is especially true for most online competitive games. Here are seven custom PS4 controllers worth gifting to those in your life who love to play on PS4.

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PS4 Dualshock Custom Wireless Controller

Ps4 Dualshock OC
Ps4 Dualshock OC Amazon

This custom PS4 controller is assembled by the professional OC Gaming team in the USA. Like most modern-day PS4 controllers, this controller also comes with soft-touch keys and a matte finish. The controller not only looks stylish, it also delivers a comfortable gaming experience. As a result of the materials used, the controllers are pretty lightweight. In terms of color options, the controller is available in seven different colors - red, blue, green, orange, pink, purple, and chameleon.

ModdedZone “Bloody Hands" PS4 Rapid Fire Custom Controller

Bloody Hands
Bloody Hands Amazon

The ModdedZone custom controllers are assembled keeping competitive gamers in mind. ModdedZone is best known for its in-house assembly of controllers that pass through strict quality checks. Each of these controllers come with rapid-fire chips that give players a competitive advantage over their opponents. What's more interesting is that the user can turn rapid-fire on or off on the fly. The controller is built with authentic Sony components and is compatible with the latest FPS shooters.

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Sony Custom PS4 Dual Shock Controller

Custom PS4 Controller
Custom PS4 Controller Amazon

Just like the ModdedZone controllers, the Sony Custom PS4 Dual Shock Controller is made using authentic Sony parts. The controller features visually appealing chrome silver and red buttons and aluminum thumbsticks. The graphic on the controller is painted with premium-grade automotive paint, which adds durability and increased protection. Another great thing about the Sony Custom PS4 Dual Shock Controller is that the controller does not have to be assembled when you receive it. Unbox the controller and you are all set.

Blue Fire PS4 PRO Custom unModded Controller.

Blue Fire PS4 PRO Custom unModded Controller
Blue Fire PS4 PRO Custom unModded Controller Amazon

The Blue Fire PS4 custom controller portrays an exclusive design that is finished using colorful paint mixes and a crystal finish. You'll fall in love with the controller when you see the thumbsticks illuminating as you game. Being an unmodded controller, the Blue Fire is targeted toward serious gamers. The controller comes with an instruction manual with instructions that allows you to achieve an effective gaming experience. It is important to note that the controller does not come with a cable, so you will have to purchase a cable separately.

Dualshock 4 Wireless Controller by Custom Controllerz

Dualshock 4 by Custom Controllerz
Dualshock 4 by Custom Controllerz Amazon

The Dualshock 4 wireless controllers are built for one major purpose, comfortable gaming experience. The controller features a custom coating that feels like velvet. These are the only controllers on the market that have this unique feel to them. With most controllers, players can find their palms getting sweaty after a few hours of gaming. However, with this wireless controller, the reaction is the opposite. As your palms begin sweating, the grip gets better. Moreover, these controllers by Custom Controllerz are also available in a plethora of color and design options.

Sades C200 Wireless Controller

Sades C-200
Sades C-200 Amazon

If you are looking for a PS4 controller that grants precise control, the Sades C200 wireless controller is what you need to be looking for. The controller features definitive trigger buttons and analog sticks. The controller has a solid build quality, but is also surprisingly lightweight and easy to handle. The Sades C200 comes with an instruction manual, a convenient charging cable, and a mic that allows for an enjoyable gaming experience.

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Egypt Gold Ps4 Custom UN-MODDED Controller

Egypt Gold Ps4 Custom UN-MODDED Controller
Egypt Gold Ps4 Custom UN-MODDED Controller Amazon

The Egypt Gold unmodded PS4 controller is for those gamers that are looking for a cool and unique aesthetic. The construction, assembly, and graphics of the controller are made in the USA. This unmodded controller by ModdedZone is built only using original Sony controllers. If you are looking to gift a unique PS4 controller, the Egypt Gold PS4 controller is one that your friend will appreciate.

Wrap Up

If you are confused about what to gift your friend this holiday season, these custom PS4 controllers can be a great idea. If you think we missed out something, please let us know in the comments below.

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