PS4 4.50 System Update Features: External HDD Support Coming

Custom wallpapers are coming to the PS4 in the 4.50 update Sony

System update 4.50 will be available soon for the PS4, and it brings some great features we’ve all been waiting for with it. External hard drives can now be used with the PS4!

According to Sony, hard drives are required to use USB 3.0, but can be up to 8TB. It will be possible to download and install applications and games directly to the hard drive, and those apps will appear right on the home screen. To access the drive for data management, simply make your way to the Application Save Data Management screen on your PS4.

Custom wallpapers are coming to the PS4 in the 4.50 update Photo: Sony

PS4 owners will also be able to set custom wallpapers for their consoles. Any in-game screenshot can be used, or any photo edited in Sharefactory. There are also options for setting drop shadows or dimming the Function Area, depending on what would look best for the image you use.

PSVR owners will also benefit from the 4.50 update. Once the update has been downloaded, 3D Blu-ray movies can be watched with the VR headset. No additional hardware is required, either.

Other features have been announced for the 4.50 update as well, including a simplified notifications list, an update to the quick menu and the ability to treat your PlayStation Network Activity Feed like it was Facebook. You will be able to post text, screenshots and gifs directly to the feed and tag your friends in your posts, so they will be sure to see your activity.

Even more features are planned for the 4.50 update, but Sony hasn’t announced a release time as of yet. This likely will not be coming soon, based on how the announcement post ends by saying to pay attention for “the weeks to come.” A good guess would put this update as being ready in mid to late March.

So what do you think? Are you excited for the new features coming soon to PS4? What else would you like to see get added in 4.50? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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