PS VR2 Release Date Set for Early 2023

A release window that could mean anything.
The PS VR2 is launching sometime in early 2023, as revealed by Sony.
The PS VR2 is launching sometime in early 2023, as revealed by Sony. Sony

In the publisher’s latest tweet today, Sony PlayStation confirmed that the PlayStation VR2 device will start retailing sometime in early 2023. The release window could mean anything, ranging from anywhere in the first four to six months of 2023, so it’s still up in the air when players will see PlayStation’s next-gen virtual reality device. Check out the tweet from PlayStation below, showing off a sleek image of the upcoming PS VR2.

Besides the release window, there are a couple of things we already know about the upcoming device. A month ago, leading eye-tracking device manufacturer Tobii confirmed a partnership with Sony to utilize its tech in the upcoming PS VR2. A report established that the eye-tracking tech will be used extensively on PS VR2’s foveated rendering feature. This is a special technique in which the headset will track the user’s gaze and render only the exact center of what they are looking at. Their peripheral vision isn't fully rendered, mimicking what is in real life.

Utilizing this tech means that there is overall less demand on the system so that it runs more efficiently at any given time. It could also potentially mean a bigger boost in performance for PS VR2 against its competitors, and with the power of PS5, we could see VR titles with more visual fidelity than their counterparts.

Besides eye-tracking, Sony also released a post describing an early look of PS VR2, going through some of its features before the release. It includes the see-through view, which allows players to see real-life surroundings while wearing the headset. This means that players can easily adjust to their environment without needing to take off the headset. With the press of a button, players can switch from the see-through view to the virtual reality content.

Another aspect worth speculating is the launch titles for the device, as Sony is surely cooking up something big for PS VR2’s official launch. These titles may be announced soon, so stay tuned if you’re an avid virtual reality fan looking forward to PS VR2.

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