Project Zomboid Update 41.73 New Tooltip Tweaks and Sound Effects

Project Zomboid Update 41.73
Project Zomboid Update 41.73 Steam

Project Zomboid recently received an update that added new content, updated sound effects, and bug fixes.

New Tooltip Tweaks

The developers have made the gas container easier to understand in this update. Now, when you add fuel to a generator, tooltips will show you the percentage of the fuel increase. Moreover, when siphoning or adding fuel to/from a vehicle, tooltips will display the capacity in liters. These simple tooltips can mean a lot for newbies in learning important details about the gas container and related items.

New Sound Effects

The developers have updated the sound banks in-game, starting with the addition of a new action music track. They also added a missing sound effect for taking water from a dispenser.

Project Zomboid Update 41.73

  • Full export of the current Knox Event map. This will be the final B41 map update.
  • Updates many farms and farmsteads
  • Improves upper-class areas in Louisville
  • Adds many new tiles on the tilesheets
  • Fixes many and various community-reported map issues and bugs
  • New Ice Cream Cones now melt and produce a Melted Ice Cream Cone item.
  • New Gravy Boat, Baloney Slices, Salami, Salami Slices, and Snack Cakes models.
  • New Canned Condensed Milk item; can be used for the same recipes as milk.
  • Balance adjusted assorted values of food items and recipes.
  • Appropriate bottles can now hold gasoline.
  • Baloney and salami can be sliced.
  • Many food items have more options for being used as evolved recipe ingredients.
  • Recipes for Onigiri; Baguette Dough; Biscuit Dough; Meat Patty; Scooping Ice Cream; and Trays of Cookie Dough.
  • Crayons can be used to write notes and mark the map.
  • Toast can be made from Bread Slices by cooking them.
  • New recipe for a Cheese Sandwich item; cook a Cheese Sandwich to make it into a Grilled Cheese Sandwich.
  • Evolved Recipes for Ice Cream Cones; Sweet Pies; Bread; Toast; Bowls of Oatmeal; Mixed Beverages; and Glasses of Wine and Beer. This makes it possible to make foods such as Ice Cream Cones with candy and fruit on them, chocolate, cheese, or sunflower seed Bread, Toast with beans or avocado on it, Bowls of Oatmeal with berries and honey, cocktails, and such.
  • Whole Pizza item added.
  • Glasses and cup items can be filled with water.

You can read more about the update here.

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