Project Winter "Aiming For Truth" Update Reworks Truth Serum Lab and Armory

Project Winter
Project Winter Steam

Project Winter recently received a new update that reworked the Truth Serum Lab and Armory. Several bug fixes were also brought by the patch.

Truth Serum Lab

The Truth Lab has been reworked and it no longer requires the first objective to be repaired. Truth Serum Syringes are now locked and players can only get them after completing the first objective. When using Truth Serums from their containers, the second serum timer will not start until the first is removed. This avoids the unwanted wastage of serums.

Armory Rework

For those who don’t know about Armory, it appears on the Cabin Map for traitors and the Soldier only. In this update, the Armory has been reworked slightly. Players can now mark the Armory on the cabin mapboard using “Reveal Armory Location,” hinting at the location for all players, not just the traitors and the Soldier. So, think carefully before letting everyone know where it could be.

Project Winter Aiming For Truth Update

  • [Switch] User is unable to navigate to the Close button in the Players menu while using a controller. Note: You can close using touch screen functions
  • "Selected Preset" does not update when the host selects a new preset in a custom lobby
  • Drop cursor icon gets stuck on the screen if the player uses a controller and the mouse at the same time
  • Users will remain muted when unblocking them in the Friends menu
  • Player can get trapped behind the cabin in basic practice mode by walking on rocks
  • [PS4] Fixed issue where dropping rocks on certain maps heavily affect FPS
  • Fixed instances where volume text will overlap the player-specific volume slider in the lobby when selecting several supported languages
  • [PC/Win10] Fixed instances where switching from mouse and keyboard to controller prompts actions to prompt players to “click” instead of “select”
  • Fixed instances where increasing objective difficulty prevented players from completing Dig Site objective in custom mode
  • Dying to Thundersnow lightning no longer shows the host player as an attacker in the Timeline event
  • Armory location now displays on map for Traitors when advanced roles are turned off during custom games
  • More than one Padre is now able to bless the same player
  • [Switch][Xbox] Fixed Switch + Xbox crash that could occur under certain game settings while progressing the Animal Wave objective
  • Fixed instances where you can not trap Lab with poison/landmine/tripwire
  • Lab can now be opened via activating one console during a practice game or custom game with one player in the match

You can read more about the update here.

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