Project S, Open-world Puzzle Game, Officially Announced; Coming to PC in 2023

From Behaviour Interactive, the developers of Dead by Daylight.
Project S, an open-world multiplayer puzzle game, has been officially announced with a 2023 release window.
Project S, an open-world multiplayer puzzle game, has been officially announced with a 2023 release window. Behaviour Interactive

Publisher Behaviour Interactive and developer Lunarch Studios have officially announced Project S, a tentatively-titled open-world multiplayer RPG puzzle game that will be released on PC via Steam. The unique mesh of genres is set to come to the platform sometime in 2023, although there will apparently be a closed beta sometime soon, according to its official Steam page. To celebrate the announcement of this weird yet intriguing new title, Behaviour Interactive unveiled a new trailer which you can check out below.

The trailer for Project S teases a mysterious open world, one that will remind players heavily of serene open-world games while at a location akin to that in The Witness. This open world, which can be traversed quite freely, as shown in the trailer, boasts a myriad of puzzles scattered all around. Once solved, these puzzles appear to open new mysteries to uncover, and it really feels like a very unique take on the open-world multiplayer formula.

Project S is advertised both for avid puzzle fans and those looking for a unique spin on the open-world adventure, with the game centered on the experience of discovery. It will feature quests, multiplayer modes, and, surprisingly enough, character progression. Players can experience the game fully either solo or with friends, and both offer unique experiences that will enhance your puzzle-solving adventure.

Project S tasks players to explore a mysterious realm of islands suspended in the sky. Each boasts various ecosystems and architecture and of course, numerous puzzles for you to solve. There are also several secrets to uncover, and each puzzle solved brings you closer to discovering new islands to explore.

The puzzles themselves are organically embedded in the islands’ landscapes for a more immersive feel. They range from mind-bending enigmas of perspective, confusing 3D mazes, and grid-based logic to various environmental challenges, all handcrafted by a talented team of puzzle designers. Each puzzle solved increases your mastery, growing your wisdom; with enough wisdom, you can unlock new areas, receive new quests, and gain various abilities that can help you on your journey.

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