Pre-order for Pokémon Legends: Arceus Now Live

Get the chance to get some goodies.
Get the chance to get some goodies. Nintendo

Excited for Pokémon Legends: Arceus? The thing is, the game is set to be released in January of next year. But even before that, you can make pre-orders as early as now.

Like pretty much any pre-order, Pokémon Legends: Arceus also offers bonuses depending on what edition is purchased. The retail version offers the Hisuian Growlithe Kimono Set, which is an in-game outfit. The digital version comes with the same outfit plus 30 Heavy Balls.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus takes place in the Sinnoh region but is set in the past. In fact, it’s so far back it wasn’t yet known as Sinnoh but instead as the Hisui region. It was a place where it was uncommon for humans and Pokémon to live in harmony.

Players take on the role of a member of the Galaxy Expedition Team. They visit an area known as Jubilife Village which also serves as the base of operations. Players get a request or an assignment that lets them go out of the village and study one of the areas of the region. Once the work is done, they return to the village to wait for a new task.

Every time players leave the village, their first stop is always one of the base camps. These base camps don’t just function as starting points. This is where Trainers can take a break and allow their Pokémon to recover health. It’s also where they can craft items using the workbench.

As players work to complete their Pokédex, they get to increase their rank with the Galaxy Team. This, in turn, allows them to meet interesting characters and encounter some of the unique Pokémon in the region.

Some of these unique Pokémon include:

  • Wyrdeer
    • Category: Big Horn Pokémon
    • Height: 5′11″
    • Weight: 209.7 lbs.
    • Type: Normal/Psychic
  • Basculegion
    • Category: Big Fish Pokémon
    • Height: 9ʹ10″
    • Weight: 242.5 lbs.
    • Type: Water/Ghost
  • Hisuian Braviary
    • Category: Battle Cry Pokémon
    • Height: 5′7″
    • Weight: 95.7 lbs.
    • Type: Psychic/Flying
  • Hisuian Growlithe
    • Category: Scout Pokémon
    • Height: 2′7″
    • Weight: 50 lbs.
    • Type: Fire/Rock

So what are you waiting for? Go and pre-order the game now!

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