The PPH Industry is changing the way Bookies do Business

The PPH Industry is changing the way Bookies do Business
The PPH Industry is changing the way Bookies do Business Pixabay / Dariusz Sankowski

Bookies across North America are finding a better way to do business and it’s with a PPH. The PPH or better known as the (Pay Per Head) industry, has revolutionized the online sportsbook, as well as the online casino and racebook. Not only are bookies from North America excited about what the PPH can do for them; bookies from across the globe are using the PPH services like Realbookies and they love it. It matters not what size of an operation you are running, you may have three clients, or you may have hundreds of clients, the PPH model is changing the way gamblers and bookies interact and it’s boosting the bottom line.

The Online Sportsbook—

● Whether you’re hoping to grow into a megabook or simply offer the best service possible to the client base you already have, there is one intangible – You must have an online presence. You may be a local bookie, or as some call them a “corner bookie”. There is certainly nothing wrong with either. The hope is that you are growing and through word of mouth - earning a fantastic income. The reality most likely speaks a different scenario.

● The bookie business is not easy. We know and understand the difficulties better than anybody because we have been there. The bookie business is not for the faint of heart. You will get your big victories, but you can count on losses. This is the very nature of this industry. Remember, you may no longer be the gambler, but you are gambling against your gambling clients. They want to beat you and they will come loaded to do that very thing.

● The information age has arrived: Today’s sports gambler is not your father’s gambler! Nowadays anything that’s noteworthy about sports gambling on any team, player or event, is available within 10-seconds and the click of a mouse. These guys are good, and they will be locked and loaded when they come. They have no desire to lose.

● Take a look at the city of Las Vegas. The gambling capital of the world and easily still the sports gambling Mecca. Up and down the strip, across town and out to Henderson, all the way to the other side and into North Las Vegas, there are mega sportsbooks. These books make money and most of them do well on a certain level, however, their business is marginal. Just as with your bookie operation. You win some, you lose some but the difference between Las Vegas and you is one glaring issue, you don’t have a multi-billion dollar casino attached.

● There is another glaring difference between Las Vegas and you; the juice. Sure you collect the juice and you certainly make the mass amounts of your profit from the juice but just think for a moment how many sports gamblers pass through any given sportsbook on any given day of the week. Think about the number of gamblers that pass through on Saturday’s and Sunday’s. It’s a large figure and this represents mass amounts of cross-action these sportsbooks gather in. You can’t possibly touch that, and nobody thinks you could but one thing that is for certain and that can’t be argued, is the benefits of cross-action.

● Honestly speaking; the smaller you are the more cross-action you need in order to see great profits. You can’t gamble straight up with three people and expect to win on a nightly basis. You can’t gamble with ten people and expect to see a whole lot more. You must hone your recruiting skills and find players. Find as many as you can and get them involved. You want them to fall in love with your online sportsbook and keep coming back for more.

● There is only one way to grow and that’s by utilizing the benefits of a PPH. The PPH is the online source that you need to not only build your clientele but to keep the base you already have.

● YOU MUST BE ONLINE. You are dead in the water without an online sportsbook. You may be a corner bookie that has 25, 50 even 100 clients, this is great, and we want you to keep them, however, we have some tough news for you. It will be incredibly difficult to keep the players you have now without an online presence.

● Your players are demanding an online bookie. They want to gamble on their time. They want to gamble at 3:00 AM and you certainly don’t want them calling you to get the bet in. The problem is, you need them to call you. You must give them permission to call you whenever they want to bet. What a hassle. The PPH takes care of this problem for you.

● The PPH not only gives you an online presence, but they also do all of the daily bookie tasks. You have to do nothing other than turn on the computer and click the mouse.

● The PPH sets you up with a real .com address that your players can log into and start gambling against you. This is your personal online sportsbook.

● The PPH crafts the book to your liking and follows your preferences. They set the daily events along with the lines and odds for the day as well as prop and future odds.

● You are probably not an experienced oddsmaker, you don’t have to be. The PPH provider does all of the work for you

What is the PPH, how does it function?

● The PPH is a real brick and mortar company (a provider of software), they are generally located in Costa Rica and a few other parts of the Caribbean.

● The PPH provides bookies with a software program that manages the day to day operations for you. The PPH does everything other than recruit players. They place wagers through the online account (the process is automated), or bets can be phoned in through the use of an 800 number that both you and the clients have access to.

● Your clients will have their own account with a password that logs them in. You will have the ability to set gambling limits as to how you see fit. You will also have the ability to change any lines and odds that you may not like.

● The PPH functions exactly like any other major-online sportsbook. Imagine that you have Googled one of the largest sportsbooks on the internet – go ahead and vision this in your mind's eye. Who comes to mind? Sure you know who they are and you are most likely familiar with how they operate. Your website will function just as they do.

● Great PPH providers offer the best wagering platforms and they keep their betting menu diverse. You need this. You want to take customers from the “big boys”.

● What’s simple about great PPH providers is signing up and having players play as soon as you sign them up.

The Casino and Racebook—

● As an online bookie, you must offer an online casino to go with… The best pay per head providers on the internet have put together a turnkey package that combines all three. What you get for the price of one is the best sportsbook industry-wide, and a Las Vegas-style casino with the greatest slots and a fantastic live betting floor. The racebook also comes with the package. You will have full access to more than 70 world-class tracks.

● You want horse racing and you definitely want casino gamblers. The revenue from casino gamblers is huge. When sports gamblers get bored or run out of events they want to gamble on, they look for the nearest casino.

● We are right back to the Las Vegas conversation. Remember what we said above? Las Vegas sportsbooks survive on the profits of the casino. Without the casino, most sportsbooks would have been out of business years ago. The sportsbooks relay on juice, they also rely on the casino.

● The casino is your golden ticket to earning a fantastic income in the gaming business. Don’t think just sports. The sportsbook is a fun venue and it can be great, but when the bad times roll, wow, do they roll…

● Horse bettors will stay faithful much longer than sports bettors. The horse bettor tends to bet very low and conservative, however, they bet all day long! The sports bettor bets his games and often, that’s it. You need a great horse venue so be sure to find the right PPH to accommodate this need.

The PPH industry is a Bargain—

● Ten years ago and beyond, the PPH industry was not affordable. Many PPH providers charged upwards of $25 per head. Now, the PPH providers have had to make concessions in price. There is a plethora of competition and bookies must make their choices wisely.

Find a PPH that charges a median price between $7-$10 and find one that’s willing to offer a 4-week free trial. There isn’t a better way to earn a fantastic income than with the use of a PPH.

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