‘Power’ Season 3: 50 Cent Insists Chris Brown Will Get Major Role Next Season

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Chris Brown and 50 Cent in the, "I'm the Man," music video. 50 Cent /Vevo

50 Cent’s hit Starz series, Power, is midway through its third season and it turns out Fifty had something special planned. He hoped to bring his good friend, Chris Brown, onto the show in a "major role” as a “drug dealer.” As it turns out, the Starz execs weren’t very happy about that. Citing “anger issues,” Breezy was reportedly denied the role.

“50 promised Chris a big role on Power, playing a drug dealer. But 50 didn’t consult the network first, and execs were not happy when they found out about it,” sources close to Brown told Page Six. “The network insisted that Chris’ casting was not going to happen, because of fears about his anger issues. There was a big blowup, and they had to tell Chris he was not going to get the role. The news was delivered to him early Monday. He was livid.”

Brown and Fifty have collaborated a lot in the last year, most recently on the remix to a song on the Power soundtrack, ‘I’m the Man.’ Fifty’s remix featuring Brown boasts over 50 million listens on YouTube alone.

The news of Brown’s possible role in Power came before his recent altercation with aspiring actress Baylee Curran outside his Los Angeles home. Brown was subsequently arrested with charges for suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. (Read more about the incident here.)

Even after Brown’s recent arrest, Fifty insists he’ll land him a starring role. “Tune into Power next season, because you will see Chris Brown,” Fifty told Page Six.

Fifty also came to Brown’s defense in two Instagram posts. In one of them, he says, “This Bitch was trying to steal something got kicked out then called the cops see.”

This Bitch was trying to steal something got kicked out then called the cops see. Smh you can't make this shit up. Lol

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I have a different relationship with Chris, That's my boy.I watched him come up, a lot of the shit he go threw is crazy to me. If your not safe at home when do you get a break? If someone calls 911 and says you pulled a gun on them in your house, are the police coming to creat a bunker at the end of your drive way for 11 hours to wait for a search warrant? Then live stream it, This must be VIP Treatment. SMH

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Can Fifty make some magic happen and land Brown the role? At this point, it’s unclear if Breezy’s presence on the show would sit well with fans, even if he’s given Fifty’s stamp of approval. Would you enjoy seeing Brown on Power? Let us know in the comments below!

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