Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Patch Notes: Update 1.4 Adds Lord Zedd, New Story Act

Lord Zedd joins the fight.
Lord Zedd joins the fight. nWay

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid released update 1.4 which brings Lord Zedd to the battle. The same update also introduces Story Act III, which completes the Story Mode of the game.

New Character

Lord Zedd is the self-proclaimed “Emperor Evil.” He has also conquered and enslaved much of the galaxy. He considered Earth as “insignificant” leaving it to Rita Repulsa to conquer. Rita failed, forcing Lord Zedd to punish her and finish what she started.

In the game, Lord Zedd uses his Z-Staff which can blast enemies from range. However, it can also pull enemies closer allowing him to deliver devastating attacks. His combo potential is high and this is made even more impressive when he calls the Putties to help him in battle.

Lord Zedd can be purchased as part of the Season One pass for $14.99. This also includes the Jenn Scotts and Trey of Triforia characters. The Season Pass also comes with Jason Lee Scott and the Dragon Shield character skin. However if you’re not interested in the Season Pass, you can buy Lord Zedd individually for $5.99.

New Story Act

Update v.1.4 includes Story Act III: The Finale. The story follows Lord Drakkon, who has traveled through dimension with his army. He has been conquering Rangers and is now a threat to all existence. With all of reality in danger, Zordon and Commander Cruger have asked Rita to join forces with them in the hopes of stopping Lord Drakkon. In this new story act, you get to find out if the forces of good can manage to convince Rita to team up with them.

Aside from these two main additions, update v1.4 makes gameplay enhancements which include:

  • Combat improvements to make battles more engaing and fun
  • Ability for players to preset their favorite teams
  • Improved PlayStation 4 Online play
  • Online matchmaking improvements

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid gives players the chance to use classic and current Power Rangers and villains from the show’s 20-year history. Players form teams of three and fight 3v3 tag team battles. The controls are both fluid and simple, allowing even beginners to enjoy the combat system. Advanced players meanwhile get the chance to go deeper into the gameplay mechanics which include customizable juggle combos, dynamic defense through push blocking, and even a Megazord comeback mode.

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