Poly Bridge 2 Update 1.20 Patch Notes Include The New Serenity Valley World

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Developer Dry Cactus recently released a new update for Poly Bridge 2 which brings in Serenity Valley, which is a brand new world with 16 new levels and challenges. New Twitch integration has been added, including a new subscribers-only mode. The developers have also fixed multiple bugs with the sandbox mode such as undo issues with custom shapes, zooming in sandbox mode when using the mouse wheel, and much more.

Poly Bridge 2 1.20 Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

World 5

  • Welcome to Serenity Valley, a shiny new world with 16 levels and challenges!
  • New achievements added.

Sandbox Mode

  • New theme and new vehicle type.
  • Added support for duplicating multiple selected items.
  • Accurate selection for boats and planes.
  • Added custom shape option: collide with split joints.
  • Undo multiple changes (from holding down a button or key) in one undo step.

Hydraulics Controller Improvements

  • Panel is now semi-transparent, and you can click through it to add/remove split joints and hydraulics.
  • When using "Remove All" on a phase, any new split nodes or hydraulics will not automatically be added to phase. This is indicated by a red slash through the hydraulics phase. "Add All" will reverse that and return to default behavior for the phase.
  • Vertical scrollbar added when there are too many phases to fit on the panel.
  • Fixed issues with undo and three-way split joint state.
  • Fixed issue with "three-way Split Joints" toggle resetting after simulation.

Level Updates and Balance Changes

  • Swap Levels 'Compression' (3-2) and 'String Theory' (2-13).
  • Increase Limo Horsepower on 'Low Rider' (2-3).
  • Added Cable to challenge level 'Lean on Me ' (4-11) and increased budget to 86k.
  • Update 'Buggy Bouncer' (2-4) to lower rocks and reduce speed of Dune Buggy. Cleared leaderboard scores for this level.
  • Added static anchor to 'Cross Jump' (3-11).

Twitch Integration

  • Support added for optional Subscribers Only mode.
  • Allow auto-saves when using Twitch integration if suggested bridge has been changed.

Usability Improvements

  • Don't show re-center button when there is something to paste.
  • Improved system to highlight vehicles/flags/checkpoints in Build Mode.
  • Allow updating existing Workshop levels (you now have choice to overwrite or create new).
  • Improved collision accuracy for Hydrofoil and Sea Plane.
  • Optimized parsing of ranks info at startup to remove stall on Main Menu.
  • Left/Right arrow keys on Leaderboards screen to cycle to previous/next board.
  • Highlight items on hover in all drop-down menus.
  • Disable search options in Workshop when viewing recently played items.
  • Show "Solution Has Breaks" on Gallery Video panel if replay had breaks.
  • Show red cancel button on warning popup related to a workshop level failing to download (rather than green check).
  • Hide the Workshop Campaign panel when loading or showing "no items found" message.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Sandbox Mode undo issues with custom shapes.
  • Fixed issue where overlapping nodes could occur if traceline draws over itself.
  • Fixed issue with showing stress when boats/planes hit a platform or ramp.
  • Fixed issue where you could access a locked challenge world using up/down keys.
  • Fixed issue in My Rankings that could cause a rank to be shown as very large number.
  • Fixed issue where Twitch auto-save could carry over to next level.
  • Fixed issue with sometimes not seeing the replay that is double clicked on the level complete UI.
  • Fixed issue with ramp in Edit Mode drawing behind bridge pieces.
  • Fixed issue with zooming in Sandbox Mode when using mouse wheel on vehicle drop-down menus.
  • Fixed issue with level lights affecting the bridge in Build Mode.
  • Fixed issue with grid intersecting very wide objects.
  • Fixed issue with Undo not working for disabling a split node.
  • Fixed issue with leaving Sandbox Mode while dragging an item for placement with the mouse.
  • Fixed issue with loading popular workshop items twice on Featured Page if leaving page during initial load.
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