Poly Bridge 2 June 10 Patch Notes Include Network Upgrades And UI Fixes

new update for Poly Bridge
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Developer Dry Cactus recently released a new update for Poly Bridge 2 which implements a lot of fixes and optimizations for the game. A small issue with the UI has also been fixed when players are using multiple monitors.

Dry Cactus is also working on additional changes for the future of the game, such as gallery navigation, Steam friend sync working even better, and much more. The developers are also working on upping network performance to improve the health of the game.

Poly Bridge 2 June Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

We have been busy at work fixing issues and improving server reliability, today we have lots of bugfixes going out and some ongoing online issues that we are addressing.

  • Improved network performance.
  • Fixed uploading to Workshop errors.
  • Fixed issue that could cause split joint numbers to overlap.
  • Fixed issue where roads couldn't overdraw when at material limit and highlighting node outside placement radius.
  • Fixed issue where roads couldn't overdraw a same-type road when at material limit.
  • Fixed clipped text in some input fields.
  • Smoothed out stress display.
  • Report max stress if bridge broken by boats/planes.
  • Use System Documents folder on Windows for save data
  • Clear cheat indicator if restoring a save that had cheats enabled previously but didn't actually cheat
  • Verify at least 1 anchor exists before uploading to Workshop
  • Fixed UI issues when running game across multiple monitors
  • Fixed issue with completion stats on workshop levels not updating after the initial victory
  • Fixed issue with not being able to upload to Workshop if solution bridge cost was same as budget
  • Fixed issue being able to Load Bridge in Simulation (pause same frame as starting simulation)
  • Warn about unsaved changes in Sandbox if quitting to main menu from Level Complete or Level Fail Screens
  • Fixed vehicle audio not starting with very low vehicle speeds
  • Fixed platform/road Z-fighting
  • Localized "First Break" text
  • Optimized performance

Upcoming Server Changes

To make our Leaderboards more responsive and reliable we are implementing a number of changes this week.
This shouldn't affect players much, although there might some occasional down-time.
Specifically, we aim to improve:

  • 'My Ranks' Screen being more reliable and real-time
  • Steam Friends sync working as intended to see friend's leaderboards
  • Workshop navigation being faster and more user friendly
  • Gallery navigation improvements
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