Poland Joins the Fight in KARDS: Legions

Are you ready to welcome the Legions?
Are you ready to welcome the Legions? 1939 Games

The fight is about to get even more interesting as the latest expansion for KARDS is here. Titled as Legions, it introduces a new ally nation along with advanced gameplay mechanics. This is the fourth expansion that arrives in the game and it brings 84 new playable cards.

So what’s the new ally nation? It’s none other than Poland and its unique playstyle is based on its role during World War 2. History buffs should be familiar with this since it was the time when Polish nationals not only fought inside the country but even outside.

Polish units feature a rather unique Exile ability. With this, units can be played as if they’re part of their nation in exile. There are also Polish pilots, which joined the fight in the Battle of Britain, and they come to the game through Spitfire MK V that can be deployed either as a Polish or British. Expect tanks as well that are crewed by Polish troops represented by the Exiled T-34 unit in Soviet decks.

New Keyword

The Legions expansion introduces a new keyword called Intel. This lets players get intelligence on the opponent's hands and cards, giving them that needed advantage.

Historically, intelligence gathering agents and crypto-analysis experts from Poland had a significant contribution when it came to cracking the famous Enigma code. Indeed, deciphering the German code gave the Allies an edge in the war. Some historical experts even consider it as the deciding factor of WW2. The addition of the Intel keyword serves as a tribute to that effort.

Other Features

KARDS: Legions also delivers new features that ensure players must come up with new strategies. An example is the British M3 Grant medium tank which gives commanders a strong defensive boost. Another is the American SB2C Helldiver that can cause trouble for opponents because it adds a copy of the Helldiver unit to a player’s hand every time they gain an extra Kredit slot.

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