'Pokévision' Will Change How You Play 'Pokémon Go'

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I was so excited I couldn't hold the phone straight iDigitalTimes

Pokémon Go has been out for over two weeks now and the initial excitement is starting to wane. I loved this game when it first came out and played it as much as the servers would allow me too. Unfortunately, that wasn’t very often so I started playing the game less and less. Eventually, I got to the point where I would go for walks and just forget to open the app.

Here in New York City, there’s like one Doduo for every six blocks, and I can honestly say I hate those flightless birds. Side note: how do so many Doduos get to Manhattan? They are flightless and I don’t think hundreds of ostriches could get over the Verrazano Bridge.

Yesterday, I discovered a nifty little website called Pokévision.com . You put an address down and the site then tracks whatever Pokémon are around you and how much time you have to left to catch it. Originally, I thought the idea was kind of stupid. Oh great, I get to see all seven Rattatas and Weedles I don’t want to catch.

But then I started looking around my neighborhood and noticed there was a Hitmonchan ten blocks away. He’s always been one of my favorites, Hitmonchan’s Ice Punch in the OG Red and Blue games got me through some dangerous nights on Victory Road.

I immediately got up, ran over a highway and found this Hitmonchan standing in front of a restaurant. I used every Great Ball I had, but I caught the thing. After that, I started using Pokévision everyday. Pokémon Go gets really boring when all you see are the same monsters everywhere. The step counter is still broken, so there’s no way to find anything rare without stumbling onto it with some dumb luck.

With Pokévision, everything changes. Now you can find that Venusaur that’s right around the corner with pinpoint accuracy. I’ve found myself logging onto the site, seeing a Dratini or Wartortle halfway down the block and walking out in my Angry Birds Christmas sweatpants to catch them. My neighbors look at me funny, but it’s worth the ridicule to have a rare Pokémon.

Pokévision made me love Pokémon Go again, though the site still has it’s fair share of problems. It crashes almost as much as the game servers do and sometimes stop workings. Once they work out all the bugs, this site will be a must-use for serious Pokémon Go players. Knowing where a Pokémon is with 100 percent accuracy is a luxury I don’t think I could live without ever again.

Are you using Pokévision? Tell us in the comments!

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