'Pokemon Sun And Moon' Myths Debunked: Lag On Older 3DS, Pokefinder, Gym Leaders And More

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Pokefinder only goes to rank 5, sorry guys.
Pokefinder only goes to rank 5, sorry guys. Nintendo

There are a ton of rumors going around the internet about Pokémon Sun and Moon . The world of Alola is so gigantic, players are still uncovering things days after release. Here at Pokémon Myths Debunked, we take a look at some of the more outlandish claims getting circulated around the internet to make sure you don’t end up making a terrible mistake because “you read it online.”

Here are just a few of the rumors swirling around from Pokémon Sun and Moon .

  • Older 3DS’ Have Significant Lag- If you’ve been playing Pokémon Sun and Moon on a newer 3DS, you might notice a little bit of lag in Totem battles or when a ton of stuff is happening on screen. If you have a 3DS XL or older, you are definitely going to notice more lag. Players on the Gamefaqs forum have been discussing whether they are going to need to buy a new system just to play the game. I play on an old 3DS XL and my game does lag, but not enough to warrant purchasing a new system. It takes at least 20 seconds for the game to boot up and Totem battles can sometimes stutter to one frame a second. Other than that, the game plays smoothly.

  • Pokefinder v.6?- The Pokefinder takes the much beloved Pokémon Snap franchise and throws it into a Pokémon game. Players have been trying to figure out how many different versions you can unlock on the Rotom peeping tom. Reddit user Polystyrene100 got 1.5 million thumbs up and managed to unlock Pokefinder v.5, which allows you to call over nearby Pokémon to take pictures of. There’s nothing past that, once you get all those likes, the Pokefinder won’t upgrade any further. You do get a stamp on your passport, so at least there’s that.

  • Where Are The Gym Leaders?- Pokémon Sun and Moon is missing something critical to all Pokémon games, gym leaders. Gamefreak decided to try something different this time, choosing to go with a Trial system instead of the traditional, gym fights. The gym leaders might be gone -at least for this generation of games- but we still have something more important, the Elite Four. Pokémon couldn’t change their system too much, everyone wants to be a champion.

  • Easy Ways To Farm Happiness- If you are having trouble turning your Alolan Meowth into a Persian, you might want to try this little trick discovered by reddit user Leafeon111. Find two TMs your Pokémon can learn and keep replacing one of the moves with the other over and over until you’ve reached max happiness. Level up once and you’ve got a happy evolution.

Are there any more myths you want me to debunk? Tell us in the comments.

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