Pokémon Stars: Rumored Nintendo Switch Title Could Have 20 New Pokémon

Solgaleo pokemon sun and moon in game
You can meet Solgaleo in 'Pokemon Sun' Pokemon Company

Video Game insider Laura K Buzz recently held a reddit AMA where she discussed everything she knew about the Nintendo Switch and what fans should expect in terms of price, launch titles and what’s in store during the January event.

During the discussion Laura also talked a little about Pokémon and the rumored Nintendo Switch title, Pokémon Stars.

In the AMA, Laura mentioned Tom Phillips and how they talked about what they knew about Pokémon Stars and that they both heard different things. Laura heard that there will be 20-plus new Pokémon in Stars. To be fair, Phillips doesn’t believe it’s likely and Laura doesn’t think it’s something that the fans will like.

Imagine having Sun and Moon and then having to pony up maybe $300 to purchase the Nintendo Switch, and more money to get Pokémon Stars just to get the new Pokémon.

It would seem to alienate the Nintendo 3DS Pokémon audience, unless Game Freak and Nintendo have plans for DLC within Sun and Moon, which is unlikely, or release the Pokémon Stars for the 3DS.

Pokémon Stars was hinted at back in November when a Eurogamer report stated that a third version for the Gen 7 games was in the works and will come to the Nintendo Switch.

Perhaps Stars will focus on Necrozma, the third Legendary Pokémon found in Sun and Moon, or Marshadow, which is not yet available in the game.

Pokémon Sun and Moon had around 80 new Pokémon (not including Alola Forms) and adding 20 new Pokémon could give Gen 7 a nice round number of 100, but with the Switch event happening on Jan. 12, we will have to wait for any official word on Pokémon Stars.

In the meantime, let us know what you think about Pokémon Stars and whether the game should include new Pokémon not found in Sun and Moon in the comments section below.

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