Pokémon Nintendo Switch Title Trademarks Are Just False Rumors

Pokemon is coming to the Nintendo Switch
Pokemon is coming to the Nintendo Switch Nintendo/PlayerOne

With the new year, new Nintendo rumors will appear - especially if they have to do with the upcoming Pokémon game for Nintendo Switch. One such rumor regarding supposed titles for the upcoming Pokémon Nintendo Switch games has already turned out to be fake.

These bogus trademarks claiming Game Freak registered Pokémon 1 and Pokémon 0 (complete with art) caused many fans and outlets to believe these are the legit titles. This rumor gained momentum thanks to a Nintendo Direct anticipated for Jan. 11 that is expected to announce some 2018 Nintendo Switch titles. However, these trademarks were illegitimate Outlets like Gamerant have updated their original stories with “These trademarks and logos have been faked as part of an Internet hoax.”

This isn’t the only Pokémon Nintendo Switch rumor out there, though. The most “reliable” rumor says the Pokémon Switch game will release in late 2018 and feature a brand new battle system that will change how we play the franchise.

This new battle system will be “simplified” and is being compared to Digimon World games. The supposed new battle system will be sort of in real-time with trainers choosing attacks from the options menu. However, Pokémon will also have the option to block.

This new battle system is said to possess elements from Pokken Tournament in which Pokémon can either attack, block or grab in a rock-paper-scissor fashion.

The source for this rumor had correctly leaked some information on Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon so there is some credibility there but fans need to still be skeptical.

Any rumor regarding Pokémon on the Nintendo Switch should not be believed until Nintendo or The Pokémon Company comes out and confirms it themselves.

We don’t want another Pokémon Stars fiasco.

What are your thoughts on these rampant Pokémon Switch rumors? Do you hope any of it is real? Let us know in the comments section below.

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