Pokémon Kids Winter Fest: Helps Young Trainers Become the Best

Tis a season to have fun.
Tis a season to have fun. Pokémon Company

The Pokémon Company just launched a new website aimed at young Trainers. Pokémon: Kids Winter Fest is going to run from December 1 to January 3. The site features mini-games and trivia to test the Pokémon knowledge of kids and kids at heart.

The main goal of the event is to gather Razz Berries. Players who collect a set amount of Razz Berries will receive a pouch. This contains Pokémon badges that they can add to their collection. More than 890 badges are available in the game.

Collecting Razz Berries isn't about individual effort. Each berry adds to the daily total of a player's team. Why is this important? This is because the game also features teamwork. During team races, the first team to reach a checkpoint wins an in-game item.

When they reach specific milestones, players can earn extra Razz Berries and Pokémon badges. Players can even collect Legendary Pokémon badges.

Here are the different mini-games that kids can join:

  • Battle Dunk
    • Players need to knock out as many enemy Pokémon from the arena but to make sure that they don’t run out of energy.
    • The other Pokémon however won’t be standing still as they’ll also attempt to knock the players out.
  • Pair Up
    • This quickfire matching game tests the knowledge of players on Pokémon and find matching cards as quickly as they can within 60 seconds. Players need to match:
      • all of the same Pokémon
      • each Pokémon with its Evolution
      • each Pokémon with a card showing its correct type
      • each Pokémon with a card showing a type that it is weak against
    • The game offers four levels of difficulty.
  • Relay Ridge
    • This obstacle course has players needing to get their Pokémon as far and as safely as they can.
    • They need to do this without falling off a cliff or hitting too many obstacles.
    • When players reach checkpoints, Pokémon immediately swap with their health restored and Razz Berries awarded.
  • Snow Holes
    • Digletts are causing chaos in the snow fields and are all threatening to break the ice.
    • Get rid of them by tapping as quickly as possible.
    • Dugtrio could even make an appearance for a bonus round.
  • Waterfall Crossing
    • Help Pokémon cross the river by bouncing them across on their raft.
    • Look out for Jigglypuff since this one is sure to make players’ Pokémon fall asleep.
  • Winter Fest Scene Creator
    • Trainers get a chance to express their creativity by coming out with their very own Winter Fest scene that’s filled with Pokémon.
    • There’s a wide range of characters, backgrounds, and items to use.

You can check out the website here.

Ready to have fun?

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