'Pokémon Go' Update Idea: Free Incubators With Pokestop Streaks Would Be A Huge Improvement

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We need more incubators in Pokemon Go
We need more incubators in Pokemon Go Bulbapedia

I’ve already gone over what needs to change for Pokémon Go in the new year, but there is something I missed. This isn’t as “complicated” to fix as what’s on my wish list, so there’s a higher chance Niantic might show some compassion in their hearts and actually give the game some necessary quality of life adjustments. I play Pokémon Go way too much and would like a bit more for my investment, so I’m asking Niantic for a...

Free Incubator On the Seventh Day Pokestop Streak

Niantic helped out players who were struggling to farm experience when they implemented Pokestop and Pokémon streaks. After seven straight days of spinning that blue wheel or catching a Bulbasaur, you get a hefty 2000 experience bonus. I managed to hit level 23 last week with all that extra juice flowing through my avatar.

Still, for all the effort you have to put into keeping up with the game, the reward is pretty small. Remembering to play PoGo isn’t always easy, especially now that the weather is turning colder. Bundling up to walk around in freezing temperatures just so you can keep your fifth day streak isn’t fun. If Niantic gave us another incentive to spin that wheel, we’d be more inclined to do so.

Reddit user JagerRoad from the Silph Road had the idea to give players an extra, one-use incubator whenever they reached seven spins at the Pokestop. The Holiday event, which rewarded players for the first spin of the day with an incubator, was widely successful. Players loved getting a brand new reward that would clear some of the egg clutter in their bags. Niantic would have to be run by fools not to give us more.

Pokémon Go
A Flawed But Magnificent Experience
Pokémon Go has swept the country but is the mobile game worth an install? Despite its flaws, Pokémon Go really delivers the Pokemon-capture experience.
  • As Close To Living Pokémon Fantasy As It Gets
  • Active And Engaging Experience
  • Lots Of Mon And Events
  • Battles Aren't What Fans Expect
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