Pokémon Go Ruining Your Life? ‘Pokemon NO!’ Chrome Extension Will Clean Your Internet Experience

If Pokémon Go is tormenting your life, then ‘Pokemon NO!’ Chrome Extension will be your savior.
If Pokémon Go is tormenting your life, then ‘Pokemon NO!’ Chrome Extension will be your savior. Pokémon Go / Niantic, Inc.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, chances are you’ve heard about Pokémon Go and seen your social media feeds flooded with ecstatic and frustrated players hunting for their beloved Pokémons. Those not partaking in the Nintendo scavenger hunt, who are fed up with all the updates and pictures, now have a solution that does not entail staying confined to their homes and away from social media: the Pokémon NO! Chrome Extension.

The Chrome extension, maintained by software developer Conor Browne, is free on the Google Chrome Store. This extension blocks all mentions of the popular game when using the Chrome browser. Downloading the extension places an icon on your browser of a black Pokémon with a red sign in front of it. Clicking it will tell you how many Pokémons the extension has blocked.

The extension’s Chrome Store description reads: “Tired of seeing this children's game being discussed in the news, on Twitter and on your Facebook feed? Well now you never have to see it again! Pokémon NO will remove any mention of Pokémon and their new app from any website you visit!”

There are other extensions on the market like Pokémon Go Away — which removes references from Facebook, Twitter or 9gag — and PokeGone, which has earned tepid reviews for blanking out entire pages with mentions of the game.

And should you later decide to hop on the Pokémon bandwagon, you can make your world Poké-filled by removing the extension.

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